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March 11, 2014 | 04:26 PM
Anyone receiving an automated phone call asking for a security or PIN number, should not give it out.

Odds are the call is part of a scam that’s been plaguing Talmer Bank customers in two states.

Talmer and the local police are urging people not to give out personal information over the phone.

According to Lake Geneva Police Chief Michael Rasmussen, the robo-calls claim that the recipient’s debit card has been compromised and deactivated.

Rasmussen said the police department received 55 complaints about the robo-calls through its Facebook page.

The call asks the would-be victim to enter his or her PIN or some other piece of personal information to “unblock” the card. None of those who contacted police claimed to have fallen for the scam.

Right now six or seven Talmer banks in Michigan and Wisconsin have been targeted, said Shellie Maitre, chief marketing officer for Talmer Bank, Troy, Mich.

She said bank officers found out about the scam Friday evening and posted warning information on the bank’s Facebook page and website immediately.

Maitre said bank officials have no idea why Talmer and its customers were targeted for this scam.

“It’s a random act,” said Maitre. “A random hacking.”

A special hotline was established in case someone gave out personal information to the scammers.

But Maitre said that so far, there are no reports of Talmer customers anywhere falling for the scam. Customers are urged to contact their local bank to verify there are no issues with their accounts and monitor bank statements closely for any unauthorized transactions.

Lake Geneva residents needing additional information may call the police department at (262) 248-4455.

In a statement posted on its website, Talmer said that not only are the calls not coming from Talmer, but “we would never contact you in this manner and ask for your card number, PIN or security code. Should you receive such a call, do not respond. Simply hang up or delete the message.”

However, those who gave out their information to the scammers should call Talmer Bank at (800) 456-1500 or visit the local Talmer banking center.


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