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June 10, 2014 | 05:09 PM
Tim Neubeck, Lake Geneva city clerk, is gone and probably will not return.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a city employee.

The Lake Geneva City Council on Monday appointed Sabrina Waswo as his temporary replacement.

Waswo, an accounting clerk with the city, will receive $20 an hour at her temporary assignment as city clerk, and she will be up for review by the city council after 60 days.

Waswo had also served as the city’s assistant municipal court clerk.

The council also appointed Teresa Klein, former elected city treasurer, as interim deputy clerk/treasurer at $17 an hour.

Her appointment is also temporary and up for review by the council in 60 days.

Although no longer treasurer, Klein had been working part time as a desk clerk at city hall.

Meanwhile, Neubeck is considered to be an employee on paid leave, said Mayor Jim Connors.

Neubeck apparently left his office sometime on Monday, June 2, after a meeting with City Administrator Dennis Jordan.

Although no one is officially commenting on what the meeting was about, a member of staff and an alderman commented that it was probably about Neubeck’s performance as city clerk.

Alderman Alan Kupsik, chairman of the city council’s personnel committee, said Neubeck was expected to submit a letter of resignation by June 4.

However, the city has received no resignation letter from Neubeck.

Kupsik said he did not know why Neubeck left.

Hired in October 2013, Neubeck took over for Michael Hawes, who left the city after about a year as city clerk to become village administrator in Wind Point, Racine County.

Neubeck’s previous position was as village administrator and clerk at Germantown Hills, Ill., from January to July 2013. Germantown Hills is a village of 3,700 seven miles east of Peoria.

Hawes’ predecessor was Jeremy Reale, who left in October 2012 after about a year on the job.

At the time, Reale said he planned to return to the University of Illinois-Springfield to complete his masters degree in public administration and then go on to law school.

Reale’s predecessor, Diana Dykstra, served as city clerk from 2002 to 2010. Dykstra resigned as Lake Geneva City Clerk to become Darien village administrator/treasurer/clerk, a position she still holds.

Before Dykstra, Colleen Alexander, served as city clerk from 1974 until she retired in 2002.


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