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July 15, 2014 | 01:40 PM
A short but sharp exchange between a city council member and the city administrator occurred in the council chambers shortly after the Lake Geneva City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on July 7.

Alderwoman Sarah Hill and City Administrator Dennis Jordan exchanged some pointed words about administering and competency.

It’s no secret that Hill and Jordan have not gotten along.

According to Hill, she was talking to Alderman Al Kupsik about a city staff position that required some rethinking. She said the employee trying to do that position “was in the weeds.”

Jordan walked up and commented that the employee was not in the weeds.

Not all of the conversation could be clearly heard between Hill and Jordan, but Hill was overheard to say: “In January, you accused me of wanting to take your job.”

At one point, Hill offered to continue the conversation outside the council chambers, either in the hallway or outside.

Jordan declined.

“I want a competent administrator,” Hill was overheard saying.

“You wouldn’t know a competent administrator if …,” Jordan said, not completing the sentence.

“If what,” asked Hill. “If it hit me upside the head?”

Hill then said she knew about incompetent administrators.

“I work with one every day,” she said.

“I’m not taking this to the next level,” said Jordan.

Angry, Hill stalked out of the council chambers.

Jordan later said he had no comment about the exchange.

Aldermen who were nearby, Kupsik, Bob Kordus and Jeff Wall, said they didn’t hear all of the conversation and they did not want to comment.

Mayor Jim Connors said he was out in the hallway talking to another council member when Hill and Jordan traded words.

Later, Hill said she did not regret the sharp exchange with Jordan.

“I am not sorry that conversation happened,” Hill said. “I would have preferred it happen in private, it didn’t.”

She said it’s now up to the city council to take control of things at city hall.

“We’ve got some decent, decent people on the city council,” said Hill. “It’s up to the council to clean up the mess.”


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