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July 15, 2014 | 02:30 PM
It took 30 minutes for the Lake Geneva City Council to achieve a quorum Monday.

The agenda was an easy one, primarily license renewals, permit approvals and approval of spending.

But it was unusual for the council to have to wait that long before the required six aldermen took their seats.

City Attorney Dan Draper said state law sets a city council quorum at two-thirds of its members.

Lake Geneva has eight council members, meaning its magic quorum number is six.

Missing were council members Sarah Hill, Ellyn Kehoe and Sturg Taggart.

Kehoe was excused with an injured foot.

Taggart had spent several days in the hospital with heart issues.

All eyes were on Sarah Hill’s seat, which remained empty.

Contacted early Tueday morning, Alderwoman Sarah Hill apologized for missing the meeting.

“I’m surprised they didn’t send the police over to my house,” Hill said.

Eventually, Mayor Jim Connors was able to reach Taggart by phone, and he agreed to appear for the meeting, which was convened with a quorum about 32 minutes late.

Contacted this morning, Taggart said he recently spent four days in the hospital.

“I had to leave the ambulance to get to the meeting,” he joked.

Attending the meeting gave Taggart one more opportunity to vote against horse-and-carriage rides in the downtown.

The council was asked to approve carriage parking on Wrigley Drive for Field Stone Carriage & Pony LLC, Burlington, which has operated one-horse carriages in the city for the past decade.

Although not an opponent of carriage rides per se, Taggart said he believes the slow-moving vehicles do not belong on the city’s busy streets in the business district.

Parking permission was granted on a 5 to 1 vote, with Taggart voting against.

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