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Krien captures player of the year

Krien ran for 495 yards and five touchdowns in four playoff games. He added 189 passing yards and four touchdown passes. Mike Ramczyk.

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November 27, 2012 | 03:59 PM
Peter Krien was unquestionably the engine that powered Badger football's deepest postseason run in school history.

The senior quarterback ran for 1,463 yards with 15 touchdowns and threw for six more scores. At times, his gutsy running seemed to will his team to victory.

Despite a rash of injuries to the team, Krien energized a potent option rushing attack that averaged 323 rushing yards per game. The Badgers were 9-3 and one game from the Division 1 state championship tilt in Madison, and the entire community rallied behind the local boys.

For his efforts, Krien was recently named the Southern Lakes Conference offensive player of the year.

His dad, Ed, is Badger's defensive coordinator, and both parents are teachers, so Sports and school are a way of life in the Krien household.

The 6-foot, 184-pound Krien, who barrels over defenders with his strength but can also win a foot race with his athleticism, recently took some time to talk to the Regional News about the season, overcoming obstacles and his future plans.

RN: How does it feel to win such a prestigious award?

PK: It is a pretty cool award to receive, especially with all of the talented kids in the conference this year.

RN: Why were the Badgers so good this season? Did you expect such a deep postseason run?

PK: We have been working so hard since day one that we knew we were capable of putting together a good playoff run. The path we took to get there, with all of the injuries, wasn't exactly the way we thought things would work out. But we have good coaches and leaders that were able to help keep the team going when things got rough.

RN: How difficult was it from a mental standpoint to overcome all of the team's injuries throughout the season (at least 15 starters missed time including the entire offensive line)? How did you stay positive when faced with adversity?

PK: We had our share of struggles this season. At times, it was tough to keep everybody positive with so many injuries. But the tougher things got, the more we stuck together and held on tighter as a team.

RN: When did football start for you? How old were you, and why did you like it so much?

PK: Football has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it was playing catch in the backyard or watching the Packers play on Sundays, I have always loved the sport. It has also been something I have been able to share with my dad and brother. Having such an involved family has made my experience that much more enjoyable.

RN: How do you balance Sports with school?

PK: Balancing Sports and school is pretty tough, but my parents raised us to put 100 percent toward whatever we do. Because both of my parents are teachers, there has never been any other option than to do our best in school. This has been huge in balancing tough classes with tough practice schedules.

RN: How important has the Life of an Athlete program been to the success of Badger Sports teams? Why is it a cool thing to do?

PK: Life of an Athlete has been monumental in the success of the Sports here at Badger. The whole atmosphere of the school has changed. Instead of kids wanting to go out and party on the weekend, student-athletes are making better decisions. We are also trying to spread the message and program to the feeder schools.

Once a week we are sending a group of five to 10 kids to the feeder schools to eat lunch, play dodgeball, or do homework with the younger kids. It is an awesome program.

RN: Do you plan on playing college football?

PK: I would love to play football in college, it would be a dream come true, but I have to find a good academic school that will help prepare me for whatever I decide to do first.

RN: What will you miss most about Badger football?

PK: The thing I will miss most about Badger football is playing with all of the great guys we had on the team this year. From the coaches to the players, we had a great crew of guys this year that cared more about winning and one another than personal success. That is why we were able to stick together through all of the difficulties we faced.


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