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September 24, 2013 | 02:33 PM
You can’t go wrong with an offensive lineman.

If you follow Sports — and you do if you’re reading this page — you probably know the profiles that have been developed about football players.

The best quarterbacks, of course, are born leaders.

Defensive backs need a bit of swagger to handle their position. A more than average amount of self-esteem is required to overcome the times when you get faked out and the man you’re covering goes in for a touchdown.

But offensive linemen are the real team players of Sports.

They hunker down in a largely thankless job. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. They’re tireless workers.

That’s why I didn’t think we could go wrong by hiring Ben Stanley as our new Sports editor.

He played the offensive line for Marquette High..

He’s built like an offensive lineman and seemed a bit uncomfortable in a white shirt and tie during the interview, but he had the wisdom to dress appropriately.

He also has an interesting lineage. His father was Sports editor of the Regional News some 30 years ago — he’s now managing editor of the Journal-Sentinel. Ben’s brother is a newspaper person, too. So I liked the fact that he has ink in his blood.

Obviously, I’m big on intangibles but he had some real-life skills as well.

He obviously knows Sports — and looked comfortable in the press box when we gave him a tryout a few weeks ago.

He’s fresh from Marquette University with a degree in English. He actually reads books without pictures in them which is unusual for Sports writers.

But he’s not all about words. He knows the score, too.

We’re thankful to have him as our new Sports editor. He’s written a few stories for us already and is off to a great start.

Feel free to give him a call or say hi to him at games.

Offensive linemen aren’t always friendly — but this one is.

Halverson was interim Sports editor of the Regional News


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