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Chiefs take third in Rock Valley-South


October 15, 2013 | 03:12 PM
WALWORTH — The Big Foot-Williams Bay boys soccer team beat Jefferson 4-1, Thursday night, at Big Foot High School. It was their final home game and Rock Valley - South Conference game of the season.

Jefferson scored first on a kick that grazed goalkeeper Nicolas Tovar’s fingers. Both ball and goalie fell into the goal — Tovar hit the ground and the ball caught the back of the net.

But the Big Foot-Williams Bay squad tied up the game with a goal from Luke Bourneuf just before the half. Servando Perez was credited with the assist.

The Chiefs had controlled possession all half, but had been unable to find the net — something head coach Keith Blakeman said has been a recurring problem.

“You know, we’ve struggled to finish the goals and that’s been a problem all season,” Blakeman said. “So they’re finding it a little bit now, and hopefully we can continue that form.”

At halftime the score was 1-1, but the Chiefs were just getting started.

Christian Muñoz scored off a penalty shot. Payson Partridge kicked it past the frustrated Jefferson goalkeeper with some help from Octavio Hernandez. Brian Wolski scored the final goal off an assist from Muñoz.

“The third goal really, I think, finished them off and then the fourth one was just on the edge,” Blakeman said. “But our ability to control the middle of the field and pass the ball, I think really, they just weren’t able to compete with that when it got down to it.”

A small, but rowdy crowd of friends and family cheered and joked from the stands.

“Mud-dy Wat-ters,” a group of boys chanted from behind the fence. They were cheering on Chief’s left fullback Matt “Muddy” Watters, who’s impressive midfield defense helped secure the Chiefs’ victory.

Jefferson struggled to push past Watters’ quick feet.

“We started a little slow, but we wanted to play fast,” Blakeman said. “We wanted to play on the ground, we wanted to play attacking, and I think we did that in the second half. Moved the ball pretty fluidly, and got the ball in the net when we needed to.”

Blakeman’s team had an inconsistent conference season. The boys’ offensive production was on a feast-and-famine cycle. They would play long stretches of games without much scoring before opening up against an opponent with four to six goals.

But after winning the Badger tournament and finishing up the conference with a win against second-place Jefferson, Blakeman feels confident that his team is coming together.

“I think we finally found our best 11 out there that knows how to play and plays together the way we want to,” Blakeman said. “We’ve played a lot of games where we’ve dominated possession and couldn’t put it in the net. So, you know, if we can continue to score then I think we’ll do pretty well.”

On Oct. 15, the Chiefs will play Cambridge-Deerfield (9-6-0) in the WIAA tournament. Big Foot/Williams Bay is seeded fourth in the regional bracket.

Though Blakeman said he doesn’t know much about their first playoff opponent because they haven’t faced many common opponents.

“But the way we’ve played this season with, you know playing against Delavan, playing at the Badger tournament we’ve played some big teams and we’ve done well. So there’s no team I’m afraid of in our section, so we’re just going to go out and try to get it done.”

Big Foot/Williams Bay defeated Delavan-Darien 1-0 in the first match of the year back on Aug. 26. They defeated Division I powerhouse Badger (2nd place Southern Lakes) in the championship game of the Badger Invitational on Sept. 28th. Blakeman said his team is well acquainted with tough opponents, and he is confident they will perform well in the playoffs.


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