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February 04, 2014 | 03:18 PM
By Ben Stanley


WILLIAMS BAY — The Faith Christian boys basketball team lost two games in a row last week. It was the first time they lost back-to-back games this season.

Faith lost to Racine Lutheran 43-39 on Thursday night and to the Milwaukee Academy of Science (MAS) 53-52 on Saturday. Both games were played in Williams Bay.

On Saturday, Faith went into double overtime against MAS, an independent conference team.

MAS is 15-2 and ranked No. 7 in the state for division V according to the wissports.net Boys Basketball Coaches Poll.

"The game on Saturday was just kind of a classic high school basketball game," Faith head coach Brian Pollard said. "It was great, a double overtime game. (MAS) ended up with the ball more times than we did and so they won. All and all, it was a great game."

Faith and MAS traded leads in the first overtime period, Pollard said, "we actually had the ball at the end of the first overtime," he said.

The boys set a screen for Joe Ingersoll who took a 12-foot jumper that would've won the game, but the ball rolled out of the basket.

In the second overtime period, Pollard said Faith took the lead twice. They were up by 2-points with 15 seconds left to play when MAS drove down court, kicked the ball out to the corner and hit a 3-pointer despite good coverage.

"The (MAS) guy just hit a tough 3-point shot in the corner," Pollard said. "We called timeout with 5 seconds left."

Faith had the length of the court to play and Pollard set up a play — a curl for Jared Mulder.

In a curl play, the point-guard brings in the ball while two players start at the top of the key and the other two are stationed behind the 3-point line in each corner.

The players at the key move down and out to switch places with the players in each corner, who have moved in to set picks. This creates enough distance between shooter and defender to provide time for a 3-point shot.

Mulder got the ball and took his shot. Again the ball circled the rim but didn't drop. He missed. The buzzer sounded.

Ingersoll finished the game with 26 points and Mulder had 17.

Pollard said that in his 18 years coaching at Faith, he's seen a handful of games like Saturday's. Scouts from Williams Bay and Catholic Central were at the game Pollard said — Faith plays Catholic Central on Feb. 10 and Bay plays MAS in two weeks.

Pollard said he talked to the Bay and Catholic Central coaches after the game, who raved about how fun it was to watch.

"Which is good for them, but not for me after a loss like that," Pollard laughed.

Faith has played MAS four times in the past three years, Pollard said, and lost each time by an average of 3 points.

"But the defense, we played great defense," Pollard said. "We held their leading scorer, who was averaging 23 points per game, we held him to 10. And he's a big 6-4 or 6-5 kid. We just did a really good job of keeping him off the boards and making him work for everything he was trying to do."

Against Racine Lutheran, Faith struggled, Pollard said.

"Ever since Joe (Ingersoll)'s been hurt we haven't had a good rhythm," Pollard said. "(Against) Racine Lutheran we just couldn't get anything going for us offensively and this was a very ugly game for us."

Faith dug themselves into a hole in the second quarter and scored only 5 points.

The boys were down 23-17 at halftime, and were unable to overtake Racine Lutheran.

Ingersoll scored 16 points and Mulder was held to only 5.

Faith will play Salam High School 6 p.m. Thursday in Milwaukee, and Catholic Central on Feb. 10 in Williams Bay.

Please check next week's issue for coverage of the Feb. 4 game against Eastbrook Academy.

"Catholic Central is going to be a very tough game," Pollard said. "I've seen them play a couple of times this year, and they're just a really solid basketball team, so that's going to definitely be a tough game for us."

Pollard said his team is looking forward to a Valentine's Day rematch against St. Anthony, who defeated them on Jan. 10 while Ingersoll, the team's leading scorer, sat with a severe ankle sprain.

"Joe did not play that game and we lost by two," Pollard said. "So that one I'm really looking forward to. It'll be the last game of our seven-game stretch here, and hopefully the guys will keep their energy, but that's the game we really want to kind of take care of business in and beat them. Because I feel we're a better team than how we played against them at their place."


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