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February 26, 2014 | 07:17 AM
WILLIAMS BAY — The Bulldogs started the playoffs with speed. The Williams Bay High School gym was electrified in anticipation and Bay’s Adam Lechelt didn’t disappoint.

Lechelt hit three 3-pointers in the first quarter, two in the second, and three in the third. Lechelt ended the game with 24 points.

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No. 4 Williams Bay defeated No. 5 Monticello 69-65.

“Adam hit some shots early that made them change defenses and they really kind of put some pressure on him,” Bay head coach Troy Nottestad said. “And then the rest of the guys kind of said, ‘Hey if you’re not going to guard us, we’ll do it.”

Monticello placed heavy pressure on Lechelt, which left the lane wide open. Brad Quinn and John Higgins took advantage and pounded the paint.

Quinn scored 18 points and Higgins contributed 12.

“I thought Brad Quinn had some excellent energy hitting the offensive boards and kept us in the game in the first half,” Nottestad said. “And he also got out and ran, and got some easy buckets on the break.”

Bay took a 15-11 lead at the end of the first quarter and pulled ahead in the beginning of the second. But after clawing back from a 7-point deficit just before the half, Monticello didn’t trail by more than 5 points until midway through the fourth quarter.

The Bulldogs led by 8 points with 3:21 left in the game, and Monticello was unable to swing the momentum back in their direction.

“I think our energy was good. I thought the guys that came in off the bench showed a lot of energy. I thought that overall, guys just kind of brought it,” Nottestad said. “There were lapses on defense, and I don’t know if it’s energy lapses or maybe mental. But again, we didn’t talk about much of that. We’re moving on.”

At halftime the score was 35-33 Williams Bay. Neither team led by more than 4 points for the majority of the game. Monticello led briefly at the end of the third quarter, but Bay was able to pull ahead with a quick layup and Lechelt 3-pointer.

Bay’s crisp passing and offensive control secured their lead in the fourth quarter, along with some aggressive offensive rebounding.

“I think on defense, our efforts there, we just have to close out a little better some times,” Nottestad said. “And, you know what, Monticello can shoot the ball well. They put up some points also. Overall, you look at it, and it was a good basketball game, and we were lucky enough to come out on top.”

Bay’s next game will be played this Friday. Please check the Regional News Sports Check Facebook page for information on the time and place of the game.

Nottestad anticipated that his No. 4 Bulldogs would play No. 1 Burlington Catholic Central in Burlington on Friday.

“(We’re playing) Friday night with the assumption it’s at Burlington Catholic Central,” Nottestad said. “Unless there’s a monumental upset it will be at Burlington.”


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