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Chiefs beat Evansville, tie McFarland


April 22, 2014 | 02:22 PM
WALWORTH — The Big Foot/Williams Bay (BFWB) girls soccer team is 2-2-1 after defeating Evansville 2-1 on April 17 and tying McFarland 2-2 on Monday night.

Against Evansville, BFWB head coach Annie Isham said the girls struggled a little bit with their defensive alignment.

“It wasn’t pretty,” Isham said of the win. “Evansville played very, very well. They’re a very good team and they moved the ball really well.”

But BFWB’s goalkeeper, Natalie Boldger, played a phenomenal game, Isham said.

“She definitely kept us in the game,” Isham said.

The girls did better offensively than they have in the past, Isham said.

“We were able to get some good passing up front and get a couple of goals,” Isham said.

Against McFarland, Boldger made some college-level plays according to Isham.

“They attacked us really hard most of the night and again, she kept us in it,” Isham said.

Isham said that since the team is down a few starters, she didn’t have many subs to put in the game and keep the girls fresh, so she was very proud of the way they were able to keep fighting against McFarland. But she wished they would’ve won.

“I hate tying,” Isham laughed. “Personally, as a coach, it’s very unsatisfying.”

Isham said that the team should be full-strength by the end of the week with injured and benched players returning to the field.

“We’re excited to be in the meat of the season now,” Isham said.


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