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Badger wins Abbey Springs Invitational


May 13, 2014 | 04:26 PM
FONTANA — The Badger boys golf team took first place at the Abbey Springs Invitational on Monday afternoon in a meet that lasted nearly eight hours due to a rain delay.

Badger freshman Jonathan Duggan led the Badgers and all participants at the meet with a 75, just one stroke ahead of Edgerton's top golfer who scored a 76. Badger finished one stroke ahead of Edgerton for first place.

"He's been really good this year," Badger head coach Dave DeShambo said of Duggan. "His finishes in the big tournaments have been really, really good. There's a lot of teams and a lot of players who are older and have a litte more experience, but he's gone out to every big tournament and played well. He finished third twice in big tournaments, he finished sixth this past weekend in another big tournament. He's just rock solid and he fights. He just keeps battling and doesn't make a lot of mistakes."

Also competing for Badger were Jackson Rademaker, who scored an 83, and Alec Jacobsen and Tom Schneider, who both scored 89. Badger is in third place in the Southern Lakes Conference just behind second-place Burlington and first-place Waterford. Waterford has a "pretty good handle on first place."

"We've actually been playing pretty well," DeShambo said. "It helps to have one guy at the top who's just solid every week. If you know that there's a guy every time ... that you can count on to shoot a good score, the team score is usually OK, because the one guy just stands out. Our other guys have been kind of holding their own. They're not shooting great scores, but they're keeping them in an area where we can be competitive. It's been a good season so far. We're playing pretty consistently."

Before the season began, DeShambo said he was expecting a young team — his No. 1 and No. 2 golfers, Duggan and Rademaker, are both freshmen. He wasn't sure if they would be able to compete against the more experienced upper-classmen on opponents' teams.

"But they've been really good," DeShambo said. "I've got a great group of guys. They love to play golf they love to practice. Which makes it a whole lot easier."

DeShambo said he thought this year would be a rebuilding year for the Badger program, and that, with his abundance of freshman talent, he would prepare for a very competitive season next year. But the boys have been very competitive despite their lack of experience.

"I'm pleased with the progress we're making," DeShambo said. "We're playing a little bit better than I thought we would before the season started."

On May 10, Badger took sixth place out of 22 teams at the Kaz Invitational in New Berlin. Duggan's 78 was the sixth best score overall, DeShambo said, out of more than 100 players.

Badger also took second place on May 6 in a conference major meet at Hawk's View Golf Course.

In an interview on the night of May 12, DeShambo said that the team's final conference major meet on Tuesday was going to be a "big day." The results of Tuesday's meet were unavailable by Regional News deadline.

"It's our last conference meet before the conference match," DeShambo said. "If we can beat Burlington again that will put us in a great position to take second in the conference."

"If we can hang with Burlington, I think that we're such a young team that our future looks bright. I'm really impressed with the way the guys are playing this year and I think it's just really going to help us going forward next year."

DeShambo said that if his team can continue producing consistent scores, it has a chance to advance to state sectionals.

"Which would be a great, great experience for them as well," DeShambo said.


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