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12-year-old golfer among the best


July 22, 2014 | 04:49 PM
Holly Murphy of Lake Geneva is a writer, a musician and one of the state’s best young golfer.

Twelve-year-old Holly recently took the lead for the Girls Player of the Year for the Future Champions Tour. She is the daughter of Marty and Wendy Murphy.

We asked her a few questions about her golfing:

Regional News: How long have you been golfing?

HM: I have been golfing since I was 3, so nine years, but it has gotten so much more fun in the last year. Now I go to Hawk’s View in Lake Geneva about six to seven days of the week to play. Golf is a wonderful sport, and I am so glad I play it!

RN: Do you have ambitions to do more with golf as you get older?

HM: When I get older I would really love to get a scholarship to Stanford because they have a great women’s golf program.

I would love to be able to play golf professionally, so I could meet many people and inspire other people to play golf.

I would love to help encourage young golfers to try hard because they can achieve anything.

I also have been sketching golf designs for clothes and bags. I feel fashion is a big part of golf and would love the opportunity to bring my designs to life.

RN: Who did you learn from?

HM: Matt Boesch at Hawk’s View has been my coach for over six years and has helped me gain confidence in the game.

Adam Brown is a new coach at Hawk’s View and is great and always makes the game fun.

John Andrew down at Pine Meadows in Mundelein, Ill., has been coaching me for years and has really helped improve my game enormously.

RN; What school do you attend?

HM: I am currently at Woods School, going into seventh grade. I will be going to Badger High School in a couple years.

RN: Noticed another Murphy in the standings. Is that your sister? If so, are you two competitive?

HM: Actually yes, Annie Murphy is my sister. She is two and a half years younger (10). She loves to golf, but her real passion is for gymnastics. She is really good at gymnastics and won four medals at state last season.

We aren’t very competitive with golf. We just try to push each other to make us both better at our games.

I also have two brothers. Jack (14) and Joe (11). They both like to golf, too, and my older brother Jack caddies at Big Foot Country Club.

RN: Do your parents golf?

HM: Actually, yes, that’s how I got into golf. My mom was a gymnast and went to Michigan State University on an athletic scholarship.

After that she went to work for the Chicago Tribune and always went on golf outings, but since she spent her whole life in gymnastics, she never tried golf.

She had to take lessons, and wanted me and my siblings to learn to play golf as early as she could, so we could hold our own on the golf course when we got older.

I had no idea I would learn to love the sport so much! She still occasionally golfs, when she isn’t busy taking me and my sister to tournaments.

My dad has recently started playing golf a lot. I’ve been helping him with his swing and now he’s playing at the top of his game.

RN: Do you have any golf heroes?

HM: I love Paula Creamer. She always tries her hardest to make the game fun. She, like me, believes that fashion is a very important part of golf.

She always wears some pink which is my favorite color, too. She is amazing, and I hope I can be like her someday.

I also love Martin Kaymer.

I know he is not American, but I still love him.

One of the things I love about him is that he has a sunflower to honor his mom on his golf bag. It has a single petal off of the stem like a tear drop.

His mother died of skin cancer in 2008. I think it’s really cool that he does that for his family.

RN: What’s the best part of your game? The area you’d most like to improve in?

HM: The strongest part of my game is probably chipping. I always can find the green, even in tough shots.

Putting is probably my weakest area but I have been working hard and improving every day.

RN: What are the highlights of your “career” so far?

HM: The highlights of my career, so far, have been that I qualified in first place in The Drive, Chip, Putt Tournament, qualifying to go to sub-regionals in August.

Also, I recently took the lead for the Girls Player of the Year for the Future Champions Tour. I hope to hang onto the lead over the next month, but there are some great players out there and I will have to keep working hard all season to hang on.

Another accomplishment is that I recently drove the ball 225 yards twice in a tournament. That was very exciting.

Hopefully I can get the ball 230 yards on a fly so I can play from the black tees on Como Crossings No. 10 at Hawk’s View.

RN: Are you active in other Sports, activities?

HM: I have been playing piano for seven years, and have the opportunity to play with the Badger Jazz Ensemble this summer.

I am also a reporter for the BestofLakeGeneva.com website and uncover fun things for people to do in the area.


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