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Letter to the Editor
To the Editor:

My name is Gracie. I'm a dog who was lucky enough to be rescued by the Lakeland Animal Shelter. My former family moved away and left me tied up to a trailer. A caring person called the shelter, and they came and rescued me. The shelter's veterinarian discovered that I had heart worms and began treating me (I recovered fully). The shelter provided me with shelter, food, water and love well beyond the required seven days. I was there about six months. The shelter has volunteers that took me out to walk and play, so that we are able to get some exercise and people to talk to us.

The shelter was a very nice place, but I longed for a real home and loving family. One day a family from Linn Township saw my picture in the paper and came to see me (what a lucky day for me). It was love at first sight and they adopted me. I now live in a nice country home with a large fenced-in yard and two other dogs. Sassy came from the shelter when she was just four months old. She was from an unwanted litter left at the shelter. Maxine was abandoned in the area of our home on a very cold rainy day, and found her way to our front door. She was taken in, and our family called the shelter to tell them about her, but said they would keep her if no one called to claim her as a stray. Well, needless to say no one ever called and she has been here ever since.

We heard our family talking the other day about the County Board considering to put the contract for animal control out for bids. It would most likely be awarded to the "low bidder." Sassy and I are worried that a "low bidder" could not provide the same level of care that saved our lives. If we could talk we would call the Walworth County Supervisors and tell them to leave the animal control with the professionals at Lakeland Animal Shelter.

If it ain't broke, why try to fix it?

Tom and Pat Paulson

Linn Township

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