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Letter to the Editor
To the Editor:

How do you define Lake Geneva? As a quaint hometown situated on the shores of a pristine, glacial lake? As a resort, offering world-class shops, restaurants and hotels set off by farmlands, forests and families? Or do traffic, noise and dense development come to mind?

If you think about it, Lake Geneva is quickly approaching the third definition.

Where can you look out the window and see deer walking amongst the wildflowers? Where else is the loudest sound the chirping of crickets and rustling of leaves?

When we purchased our condo in Whispering Hills on LaSalle Street it was because it displayed these qualities. Unfortunately, Geneva Investment Property proposed construction of a 116-unit housing development that would change all of this.

The natural preserve at the southwest corner of Section 2.6 is among our last natural forests and should not disappear. Although development has been essential to promoting quality of life and economic stability of our town, it can not stand alone.

The creation of a land trust to protect the forest at the southwest corner of Section 2.6 would benefit the whole community.

It would preserve our "fine fabric" while also limiting the amount of stress on our infrastructure and resources.

Sadly, once our natural treasures are destroyed they are gone forever.

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I urge the City Council to oppose any development that would be detrimental to our natural ecosystem, and anyone who agrees to make your voice heard.


Ronald and Paulette Starr,

1447 LaSalle St

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