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By Steve Targo

Lake Geneva Regional News

Say you're surfing the Internet and you want to buy a jet plane. You find a Web site for a company that sells jet planes, but if you're going to spend that kind of money, wouldn't you want to walk around in the plane you want to buy first?

How about this: The company is based out of someplace far, far away. That means making travel arrangements, then traveling -- probably for a long period of time -- just to see if the plane that looks good on the monitor screen back home looks as good in real life.

Or, just take a virtual tour of the aircraft.

In linking multiple snapshots of an interior location with the same "morphing" technology used in special effects for science fiction movies, a virtual tour presents one picture that is comprised of several.

"It's like an interactive picture," Jon Wernquist said. "People can see everything inside a room without ever setting a foot inside."

Wernquist, 28, owns Media Rig, a business currently located in Geneva Township that creates virtual tours through a mix of computer technology, photography and graphic design. Wernquist said Media Rig's main focus is CD-ROM and DVD development.

Recently, Media Rig completed a six-run demonstration for General Boyd's Bed and Breakfast, Highway 120, Linn Township. Media Rig serves numerous clients throughout the country.

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Wernquist said the demonstration provides computer users a chance to see what it is like to be inside the resort from the confines of their work stations.

DV Aviation, a charter flight company, recently hired Media Rig to showcase 10 aircrafts on line. Wernquist said he entered each jet and shot 36 different images of the interiors using two cameras.

The images are "morphed" digitally to create the illusion of being inside the aircrafts, Wernquist said.

A virtual tour graphic for one of the aircrafts allows free visual range. The user can look at the overhead lights in the coach area, the cushions of the chairs or at the side windows.

"It's like having all these images on a table and then linking them, to create what's like a 3-D world," Wernquist said.

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Media Rig has made numerous promotional CD-ROMs for businesses.

Wernquist said "promos" involve various other skills to create. The traditional promo CD-ROM requires scripting, design, acquisition of voice talent and disc duplication and manufacturing, he said.

While most promo discs take about a month to complete, Wernquist said the company finished one for a client in two weeks.

Wernquist said he wants to relocate Media Rig to somewhere in the Lake Geneva area. He has been working with virtual reality and CD-ROM technology since 1994.

For more information, visit the Web site www.rigm.com.

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