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Board supports subdivision, directs developers to seek more 'insight'

Geneva, Linn Township
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By Steve Targo

Lake Geneva Regional News

Developers of a 112-acre property known as the "Weinstein property" at the corner of Highways 50 and 67 were directed by the Geneva Township Board Monday, April 14 to meet with engineering firm Baxter and Woodman, Burlington, for insight.

Attorney Jim Howe and subdivision developers Jim Scherrer Jr. of Scherrer Construction, Burlington, and Dennis Karnosky of Dema, LLP, discussed the proposal with the board. The property was owned by Michael and Lissa Weinstein.

"It seems like this area does not have the properties to be able to put up the big homes," Scherrer said.

He added that several clients have asked him where homes in the "middle to upper" price range can be built in the Walworth County area.

Scherrer and Karnosky said they are not career developers; the subdivision is their first development.

"My house is going to be one of the ones going up first" in the subdivision, Scherrer said.

Chairman Joe Kopecky spoke favorably about the proposed subdivision, which apparently had been approved several years ago by the township-Williams Bay Extra Territorial Zoning board.

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The Geneva Township Board took no action on the proposal Monday.

The subdivision will look "contiguous" with Geneva National, Kopecky said.

"There are a lot of positives with this development," Kopecky said. "I think it is good to clean out that corner over there."

Scherrer said he and Karnosky do not intend to create a gated community, a condition which the township-village zoning board had approved years ago.

A developer's agreement and covenants need to be approved by the board, Kopecky said.

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The proposed subdivision will have 61.5 acres (48 lots) of residential property. There will be 16.5 acres of preserved woodlands and 10 acres of open space on the Weinstein property.

There will be 12 acres reserved for a road right of way. An additional 5 acres is reserved for the future widening of Highway 50, set for 2007. Seven acres are reserved for undisturbed drainage easements.

Scherrer said he and Karnosky intend to build "middle to upper end homes" in the subdivision.

Developers, Howe and the board discussed how the Highway 50 project could impact current subdivision plans, how construction could be done in phases and the dedication of subdivision roads after they are completed.

Kopecky said Geneva Township Police Chief Ed Gritzner and Highway Department Manager Randy Parker should be consulted by developers in order to work out control and road maintenance plans.

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Developers expressed an intention to designate an access road to Highway 50 as a main entrance. Another access road will be installed to reach Highway 67.

Attorney looking at impact fees

During the attorney's report section of the meeting, Kopecky directed township attorney Richard Torhorst to look into impact fee establishment.

During his Plan Commission report, Kopecky said two other subdivision have been proposed.

Proposals by Richard Burkhart and Brian Pollard were presented at the March commission meeting, Kopecky said. Both proposals will be discussed at the commission's upcoming April meeting.

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