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Prudential Select Properties is celebrating its second anniversary in April with Prudential Real Estate Affiliates Inc.

"It's a great feeling to continue to associate our real estate company with the Prudential Real Estate brand. We have over 20 sales professionals representing the Prudential Real Estate Network, all of whom exemplify the core values of Prudential Real Estate," said John Tisdall, president of Prudential Select Properties. "Furthermore, the company creates a culture that rewards innovation, customer service and productivity, while supporting our pursuit of personal fulfillment."

Prudential Select Properties, a 25-year old real estate firm specializing in residential, commercial, vacation properties, and fine homes joined the Prudential Real Estate Network in 2001.

"With the support of the Prudential Real Estate Network, we will continue to give homebuyers and sellers what they want, how they want it," Tisdall said.

"The cornerstone of the company is its incomparable service. Upgrading our franchise relationship has increased our average sales price and given us unique marketing advantages to maximize exposure for all our clients. The Prudential Real Estate Network has the systems and technical know-how we need to support our customers."

The Prudential Real Estate Network consists of companies that are hand-selected based upon outstanding performance records, high levels of customer service and shared business values. Upon joining the Prudential Real Estate Network, the new franchisee's sales professionals are provided with many benefits during and after the transition. These benefits range from access to a free and private Web site that links sales professionals to a 24/7 resource, to increased media exposure through an advertising campaign that encompasses some of America's most-watched networks and print media.

In addition, the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates Inc. is the largest real estate advertiser in the Wall Street Journal.

The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates Inc. educational programs and networking events continue to be a top-rated benefit of affiliation. From Prudential University.com and Prudential University on Tour, to CD-ROM based-training live training in the Prudential Real Affiliates Inc.'s and Regional Training Centers — affiliates have the opportunity to learn the industry's best practice case studies to potentially boost sales.

For additional information call (866) PRU-SOLD or visit the Web site at genevalakeshomes.com.

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