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Walworth County real estate transactions

Resorter Real Estate
Warranty deeds

Ehrhardt Farms Ltd. Partnership to Kenneth R. Babock and Denise P. Hegberg, lot 9, Granville Estates subdivision, Sugar Creek Township.

Choyce Group Inc. to William and Dorothy Duhownik, lot 65, Willabay Woods subdivision, Williams Bay.

Edwin V. Krumpen to James L. Holian III, west half, southeast quarter, northwest quarter, and west half, northeast quarter, southwest quarter, section 34, Bloomfield Township.

Summit Development Group to Edward James and Neoma L. Stoflet, lot 4, block 43, Davis addition, Elkhorn.

Edward J. and Neoma L. Stoflet to Charles A. and Suzanna Hoffkins, partial northeast quarter, section 31, Elkhorn.

Robert J. Ernst to Jesse Dropik, lot 1, Woodland Shores subdivision, Delavan Township.

Dallas Development Co. LLC to Nimfa Hermano, lots 5, 6, 25 and 26, block 74, fifth map, Interlaken subdivision Sugar Creek Township EXC

Christopher M. Bauder and Amy B. Rohde to Robert Vernon Hoople, lot 28, block 15, Delmar subdivision, Delavan Township.

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Joan Boltz to Don Montsma, lot 9, block 1, South Shore Manor subdivision, Delavan Township.

Edwin Dolotowski to Don Montsma, lot 9, block 1, South Shore Manor subdivision, Delavan Township.

Beartrap LLC to Peter M. and Lynne M. Novak III, lot 3, certified survey 3421, Fontana.

Melody J. Linendoll to John W. Church, lots 4789-98, Pell Lake subdivision, Bloomfield Township.

Ronald Weber to Charlene A. Cox, partial lot 9, block 12, original plat, Lake Geneva.

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Condominium deeds

Carol A. McCormick to John P. and Kathleen A. Anzivino, unit 31, Village at Tripp Lake condominium, Whitewater.

R. R. Walton and Co. Ltd. to Michael L. and Alison K. Gunnink unit 1, building 6, Pine Bluff condominium, Whitewater.

Richard A. and Sandra Chlebos to Nicholas J. Braico, unit 5-04, Abbey Ridge condominium, Fontana.

Mark Mallerdine to Roger Truek, unit 304, Mill Creek condominium, Lake Geneva.

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William G. McNamee to Michael Hoffman and Richard Pinskey, unit 200, Harbor Cove condominium, Lake Geneva.

Kenneth G. and Cynthia A. Meyer to Cleo O. Renner, unit 6-36, Geneva National condominium 6, Geneva Township.

Robert G. Kokott to Erik and Stacy Sandstrom, unit 828 Eastown Manor condominium, Elkhorn.

Robert T. and Lynette E. Jackson to McCue Family Ltd. Partnership, unit A-2N, building A, Eastbank condominium, Lake Geneva.

Daniel L. and Diana M. Foust to Kathleen G. Davis, unit 2122 and garage unit G101-12, Landings Lane Geneva Landings on Delavan Lake condominium, Delavan Township.

Wayne Gasek to Diane Clemens, unit 2, building 3 the Fields condominium, Delavan.

John G. and Susan T. Calderone to Donald T. and Alice M. Kuta, unit 40, Abbey Springs condominium 11, Fontana.

Guy M. and Susan R. Genske to Gary and Judy Klean, unit 112, Eastown Manor condominium, Elkhorn.Helen Y. West to Michael and Mary Therese Wodziak, unit 7-02, Interlaken condominium, Geneva Township.

Craig Kendzior and Lynda Fine-Kendzior to Hans J. and Mary A. Straube, unit 7-24, Geneva National condominium 7, Geneva Township.

Michael J. and Beth Ann Pernice to Jacob and Tanya Trepelkin, unit 13, Hayloft Lodge condominium, Linn township.

Mann Development Co. LLC to Boutelle Investments LLC, unit 7, Elkhorn Business Centre condominium, Elkhorn.

Fontana Club LLC to Timothy J. and Lisa M. Dowling, unit 2, Fontana Club condominium, Fontana.

Bradford D. and Mary C. Roth to Edward S. and Carole A. Luczak, unit 30B, Willabay Shores condominium, Williams Bay.

Christopher T. Diver to Mario and Inge Dominis, unit 308, Geneva Pointe condominium, Fontana.

Raymond L. and Paula L. Czupek to Patrick P. and Heather H. Monroe, unit 9-72, Geneva National condominium 9, Geneva Township.

Scott and Christine C. Studt to Walter J. and Bonnie J. Haydock, unit 318, Cove of Lake Geneva condominium, Lake Geneva.

Ronald K. and Phyllis A. Goldenstern Reversible Trust to Frank and Deborah DiSilvio, unit 2236, Landings Lane Geneva Landings on Delavan Lake condominium, Delavan Township.

Debra B. and Joseph C. Fehsenfeld to Anthony and Jennifer Kruzinski, unit 2023, Geneva National condominium 20, Geneva Township.

Personal representative deeds

Jeannette G. Kaye Estate to Fawn Kaye, partial southwest quarter, section 32, Delavan Township.

Alice F. Boviall Estate to Jackie L. Ridgeway, partial lot 14, Bells subdivision, Delavan.

Dolores Swanson to Don Montsma, lot 9, block 1, South Shore Manor subdivision, Delavan Township.

Dolatowski Edwin Estate to Don Montsma, lot 9, block 1, South Shore Manor subdivision, Delavan Township.

Winifred D. Jennings Estate to John C. and Carl W. Chapman, lot 13, block 14, Maple Hills "A" subdivision, Linn Township.

Termination deceased property

Mario S. Gottfried, deceased, to Benton R. Gottfried, partial southwest quarter, section 32, Delavan Township.

Anna M. Borman deceased, to gretchen A. Burgess, lots 30 and 31, Lauderdale Heights subdivision, LaGrange Township.

August H. DeBaere, deceased, to Emily DeBaere, lots 9261-70, Lake Como Beach subdivision, Geneva Township.

Audrey L. Lippke, deceased, to Carol Durfey, partial southeast quarter, section 8, Richmond Township.

Marvin J. Kalinowski, deceased, to Millie A. Kalnowski, lots 2 and 3, block 1, village of Zenda, Linn Township.

Abridgement FJ

Eber R. Crosby Jr. Estate to Rose Mary T. Crosby, partial southeast quarter, section 24, Darien Township, and partial southwest quarter, section 19, northwest quarter, section 10 and northeast corner section 3, Delavan Township.

Summary settlement

William K. Williams Estate to Patricia M. Williams, lot 22, block 2, Harbor View subdivision, Williams Bay.

Trustees deeds

David H. Hedgecock and Betty J. Williams-Hedgecock Reversible Trust to Sue Ellen Rich, partial lot 1, block 1, Stanfords addition, Elkhorn.

Schwemm Irreversible Trust to Jewel A. and David S. Yakes, partial northeast quarter, section 27, Delavan Township.

Catherine N. Manos Trust to Keith M. and Joseph M. Keating, partial southeast quarter, section 13, Bloomfield Township.

Sheriffs deeds

David Graves, Sheriff, to Household Finance Corp. III, lot 5, block 1, F. W. Tratts addition, Whitewater.

David Graves, Sheriff, to Citifinancial Mortgage Col, lots 2475 through 2479, section 2, Pell Lake subdivision, Bloomfield Township.

Quit claim deed

Mary Dina Krkjus to Brian S. Lashley and Mary D. Krkljus, lot 4, Nippersink Highlands subdivision, Bloomfield Township.

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