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The results are mixed

Village receives large response to lakefront survey

October 16, 2008
Fontana — Village officials are going to spend the next few weeks mulling over the results of the lakefront survey that was sent to residents and property owners in September.

The village sent out about 3,200 surveys and received more than 500 responses with mixed results.

The survey was done to give village officials input on what resident would like to see done with the village's lakefront property, which is currently leased to the Lake Geneva Marine Company.

This may determine the future of the proposed lakefront center.

"The group considers it important to determine the wishes of the public," Community Development Authority Executive Director Joseph McHugh said.

The official deadline for the survey was Oct. 3, and the Community Development Authority and Blue Ribbon Committee has only begun to skim the surface of the 18 question survey.

McHugh and Cynthia Wilson, who serves on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Waterfront Activity and Tourism Center, began sorting through the surveys last week and tallied one of the questions before the committee met on Oct. 9.

The question regarding the future of the village's lakefront property received mixed results.

The village has discussed removing the current building and replacing it with a single-structure multi-use building.

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For this to occur, the village would need to receive voter approval through a referendum.

However, McHugh said after he reviewed the survey results, he doesn't anticipate a referendum for a new building on the lakefront would pass.

During the Blue Ribbon Committee meeting, McHugh discussed hiring a firm to tabulate the results for the village.

In addition to residents opinions, the survey also collected demographic information including age, whether respondents were full or part-time residents and whether respondents owned or leased their property.

The firm, PDI, Milwaukee, would cross tabulate the results for the village. This would allow the committee to see how different demographics answered different questions.

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It also would allow the village to see how respondents that favored or opposed creating a new building on the lakefront responded to other questions.

McHugh said the company is in the process of sorting through the results. He anticipates that the results will be ready by Blue Ribbon Committees Oct. 23 meeting.

The survey was sent to every resident that receives a tax bill, to every post office box and to registered voters.

This was done to give more residents an opportunity to respond.

McHugh and Wilson each said they were pleased with the response.

"I think the response was a lot more than we anticipated," McHugh said.

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