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Survey shows mixed results on lakefront

October 30, 2008
Fontana — A recent survey shows no clear consensus on what the community wants on the lakefront, but building a community center now seems out of the question.

The Blue Ribbon Committee on Waterfront Activity and Tourism Center sent a survey to village residents seeking input on the future of the village's lakefront parcel, which is currently leased to the Lake Geneva Marine.

The village has discussed building a community center at the site, but wanted to seek public input before it moved forward.

The response from community members was diverse, except for the opposition to a new building.

"A new building doesn't really seem to feasible," said Rick Pappas, who serves on the Blue Ribbon Committee. "People don't want change and they don't want to spend money."

The survey was sent to residents and property owners in September, and 515 people responded.

The village has discussed replacing the building with a single-structure, multi-use building, but only 18.28 percent of survey respondents want to see a new building.

Improving the buildings facade received approval from 34.76 percent of residents and 35.92 percent wanted to see the building replaced with park space.

A majority of respondents also said the quality of the lakefront has improved during that last five yeas, with more than 57 percent stating the quality has improved. Less than 15 percent feel the quality of the lakefront has declined, and 22.3 percent think the quality has stayed the same.

The mixed results will make deciding how the lakefront should change a difficult task.

The complete survey results are available on the village's Web site, www.villageoffontana.com. Click on alerts and announcements.

The next Blue Ribbon Committee is scheduled for Nov. 13.

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