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Fontana board adopts budget

Tax rate decreases 78 cents

November 20, 2008
Fontana — The Village Board approved a $2.08 tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value during a budget meeting Monday night.

This is a 78 cent decrease from last year's tax rate. This is attributed to the village's recent reassessment, in which the average village property value increased by more than 40 percent.

This means a home assessed at $275,000 would pay $572 to the village's portion of the tax bill.

A home assessed at $525,000 would pay $1,092 to the village's portion of the tax bill. The total bill tax bill also will include Big Foot High School, Gateway Technical College, Walworth County, the state and an elementary school.

The village's total budget of $4.9 million calls for a tax levy of $2.7 million.

Village Administrator Kelly Hayden said the village's tax levy was increased the maximum amount that it could be under the state imposed levy limits.



The village included funding a joint paid-on-premises fire and rescue service in its 2009 budget.

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For months the villages of Walworth and Fontana have discussed creating a joint paid-on-premises fire and rescue department between the two villages.

In its 2009 budget, Fontana included a $52,000 line item to fund the project.

The village of Walworth didn't included funding the paid-on-premises service in its annual budget, but is considering going to referendum in the spring to fund it.

The village's Public Works budget increased this year by $240,266, which brought it to $1.6 million.

Part of this increase is attributed to the purchase of a $150,000 snow plow.

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This increase is also attributed to additional funds budgeted toward engineering expenses associated with adding a geographic information system to the village's Web site.

The village also increased several other areas of the public works budget including fuel.

Although the village increased several areas of the Public Works Department's budget, it also decreased its capital improvements budget by $43,000. The capital improvements project stormwater utility work that will be done on Sauganash and Shabbona drives.

Hayden said the village also borrowed $402,000 to fund new capital projects. The total budgeted for new capital projects is $784,290.

"The village as a practice does not borrow for (operations and maintenance) costs, just capital projects," she said.

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