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Pollitt will not seek re-election

Petersen running for village president

December 11, 2008
Fontana — Village President Ron Pollitt has decided not to seek re-election, and Trustee Arvid "Pete" Petersen is hoping to take his place.

On Monday, Petersen took out nomination papers for the president's position. He did so after speaking with Pollitt, who told him he would not be seeking re-election.

"I think Pete, because of his experience, would make a great replacement and I support him," Pollitt said.

As of Monday afternoon, no other candidate has filed for the position. The deadline to file is Jan. 6 at 5 p.m.

Pollitt said his position requires a large time commitment, and he has other obligations to attend to.

However, Pollitt may continue to serve the community in a different manner. Petersen is urging Pollitt to run as a trustee.

Pollitt still has time to make that decision.

"I will give that some serious thought," he said.

Petersen said he decided to run after he knew that Pollitt wasn't going to.

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"There is a void that needs to be filled," Petersen said. "If Ron was going to run, I wouldn't have run."

Pollitt pledged to do everything he can to ensure a smooth transition.

Pollitt's accomplishments

Pollitt was elected village president in April 2007, and said he is proud of what he has accomplish in his time in office.

"I feel we got a lot of things done including Highway 67 and the lift station," he said.

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However, the Mill House Pavillion restoration project is one that he is particularly proud of.

"It preserves some of the history in Fontana," he said. "It also gave the school an outdoor education center."

Pollitt also was proud that the project was done without the use taxpayer funds. Instead, the village relied on donations and Par Development donated the labor has part of the developer's agreement.

Petersen's goals

If elected village president, Petersen said he would look for every opportunity to save taxpayers' money.

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"I would strongly endorse an austerity program to reduce the budget," Petersen said. "We need to spend on needs and not wants."

Petersen has served as a village trustee for the past six years. He serves on the Fontana Walworth Water Pollution Control Commission, the Public Works Committee and the Community Development Authority.

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