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Geneva Lake Law Agency upgrades patrol boat

Lake safety for users, officers should increase

Tips for National Safe Boating Week In honor of National Safe Boating Week, Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Manager Tom Hausner gives his top tips to lake users: - "Before you bring out your boat, especially for the first time of the boating season, always make sure your boat is in good, running condition. Most importantly, that includes no leaks." - "For every person in the boat, there should be a life jacket. Also make sure those flotation devices are not ripped, rooted, cracked or have holes so they work in an emergency." - "Make sure to leave enough space between your boat and oncoming boats and we need people to slow down as well." - "And of course, don't drink and drive under any circumstance."
May 19, 2010 | 08:42 AM
Williams Bay — With the recent addition of a custom-made patrol boat, Geneva Lake Law Enforcement officials believe safety on the lake will increase this summer.

The replacement of a six-year-old GLLEA boat comes just in time for National Safe Boating Week.

The new boat will specifically meet the needs of the police officers on Geneva Lake, GLLEA Manager Tom Hausner said.

"It's a completely different design then what we had," he said. "It was designed and selected for us. I actually went to the factory in the state of Washington to help ensure the boat would meet our needs for what we're doing. This was made specifically as a police boat, not a recreation, fire or rescue boat. It is meant for police work."

He said the previous boat was built more for recreation. This boat has features such as a deeper hull and a quarter-inch aluminum bottom that is expected to make a difference in how officers respond on the lake.

"This will allow us to respond more rapidly and a more effective manner because of the design," Hausner said. "It will allow us to handle the waters of Geneva Lake much better than we currently have been."

He said the deeper hull makes it easier ans safer to maneuver the boat in rougher water, which creates more safety for the officers. Plus, he said the new Boston Whaler will create more comfort for officers on duty as well, which will increase their efficiency and awareness.

"Some of the guys spend eight hours straight in the water and so fatigue does come in to play sometimes," Hausner said. "This boat was designed with longevity in mind."

The boat cost $77,000, but Hausner said there was money left over from past budgets, which was set aside in a boat replacement fund. Also, the agency saves money when there is rain or storms ­— if there are no people on the lake, then there isn't as much staff, maintenance or boats going out.

Hausner believes the boat came at a relatively good deal. The previous boat cost $65,000 six years ago. The new boat includes a trailer.

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