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Board stays four strong

Weiss: A 'group effort' to replace Bollweg

May 19, 2010 | 08:52 AM
Editor's note: This is the first in a two-part series. The second part will be about what the new town leader believes to be some of the most important issues of the town's future.

Linn — The plate's already full for Jim Weiss.

Having been town supervisor No. 1 since December 2003, Weiss recently purchased a pizza business in Hebron, Ill. He also became the new acting town chairman after the May 1 resignation of David Bollweg.

So, it may have caused some to scratch their heads at the May 10 Linn Town Board meeting when Weiss told a resident currently there are no plans to appoint a fifth member.

On Monday, Weiss explained the decision.

Essentially, he said given some of the "inside" issues the board is dealing with, its members believed there wasn't enough time to bring a newcomer up to speed.

Weiss estimated if the board sought to appoint a fifth member, it could take one or two months from the time advertisements were placed until a candidate was selected.

"You're probably looking at about July, maybe August," he said. "It's a short window."

Also, whether someone was appointed as chairman or supervisor No. 1, the terms for both positions expire in April 2011. Weiss asked, "With such a short time frame, does that provide adequate time to analyze the work of that individual?"

That's why board members are taking on more duties.

"Right now, we have a good, cohesive group of people," Weiss said. "Albeit I'm the acting chair, all the board members are stepping up to take on additional responsibility to help during this transitional period."

Although it's a greater workload for the remaining four Town Board members, Weiss is optimistic about the future.

"We will be successful due to the fact that we have seasoned people in every direction we look," he said, listing board members and other town officials who are in place and know what to do and what's expected of them in their jobs.

He also praised the job done by Bollweg, who served as town chairman for 16 years since first being appointed to the position in 1990.

"Dave Bollweg was (chairman) for a long, long time period and ran our township in a great, responsible manner," Weiss said. "All we're trying to do is build on the momentum."

Daily operations

The remaining Town Board members are taking on additional tasks.

Weiss said he is meeting regularly with Linn Police Chief Dennis Wisniewski. He said he will be working with Linn Fire Chief Tim Rasch on an upcoming issue.

Supervisor Greg Holden is meeting routinely with the heads of the Town Highway Department and the Highway Committee, Weiss said.

He also said Supervisors Jeanne Allis and Mike Palmer are maintaining contact with other members of the Public Parks Committee. According to Weiss, Allis also is working closely with the Harbor Commission as it prepares for the summer.

Although Bollweg kept regular daytime office hours at the Linn Town Hall, Weiss said he's not going to do that just yet.

However, he said he's readily accessible via telephone or e-mail. Weiss also said he's in "constant communication" with Linn Clerk-Treasurer Sue Polyock.

"With Sue being there (at the Town Hall) on a daily basis, she is someone people can talk to," Weiss said.

He suggested if people need to contact him, they can do so through Polyock or by calling or e-mailing him directly.

Polyock can be reached at (262) 275-6194, ext. 10.

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