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Reporter says goodbye after year at Regional News

June 09, 2010 | 07:57 AM
When I first walked into the Lake Geneva Regional News building more than a year ago, I was being interviewed for my first job right out of college.

My hands were sweaty and I clung tightly onto my book of clips as I sat down in front of Editor Lisa Seiser, Assistant Editor Steve Targo and General Manager John Halverson. As soon as they asked me questions, all my anxiety went away. I felt at ease. I was talking to them about what I had grown so passionate about during my four years in college. And they seemed to see it.

When I came back for a "second interview," I nearly jumped up and down when they told me I was chosen for the job already.

Now, as I write my second and last editorial for the Lake Geneva Regional News, I see these people as well as Reporter Rob Ireland and Sports Editor Mike Ramczyk as colleagues and friends. I never realized how much fun I could have at a job.

I think I was first accepted into the newsroom circle when all five of us had breakfast at Grandma Vickie's for the first time and I acted out a couple of journalism-spoofs from YouTube. That was the beginning of many afternoons and evenings of laughing at inside jokes and making fun of each other to get through the long days.

I truly will miss the ability to speak my mind freely, laugh obnoxiously and the bantering camaraderie that makes up this newsroom.

That is what gives me mixed feelings about leaving this job. I have accepted a new job in the Milwaukee area and am excited to open a new chapter in my life, but this particular chapter has been so truly enjoyable. I doubt it will be the same elsewhere.

So thank you Steve, Lisa, John, Rob and Mike for making this place so easy to come to every day, to guide me along the way and help develop me into the journalist I am becoming. It has truly helped me develop my writing as what some call a cub reporter. I consider this experience invaluable and cherish it. I am grateful the editors saw something in me and found me to fit this position I've been proud to hold the last year.

I'd also like to thank all of my sources. When I came to the first Lyons, Williams Bay and Walworth County Board meetings, all of you invited me in with smiles, hand shakes and even an introduction. Plus, speaking with all the officials and residents of the areas I've covered has been the most fulfilling part of my job.

Thank you for giving me your time, attention and stories over and over again. Although I've helped to get your word out, help you tell your story and maybe even wrote about something you may not have wanted publicized, I want all of you I've written about to know that you have affected me as well.

I say goodbye to Wednesday's long lunches, Rob jokingly locking me in the basement, the many voices and sounds of Steve Targo, Lisa's political rants, Mike attempting to lay down "beats" in his scrubs, the rest of the staff and the area with a whole-hearted thanks. I'll see you around.

Harvey is in her final week as a reporter with the Regional News.

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