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Time to follow rules

July 07, 2010 | 08:57 AM
Pell Lake — For a child, summertime spent at the beach is like wintertime on the ski hill.

But as the towels are unfurled and the suntan lotion is massaged into the skin, the town of Bloomfield's beach ordinance isn't being followed at the Pell Lake Beach.

That's a problem for Rich Olenoski, of the Pell Lake Property Owners Association and the Pell Lake Sportsmen's Club.

Olenoski said a young girl recently was running off the pier to dive into the lake and stepped on a piece of broken glass. He said another boy was on the pier when he stepped on a fish hook.

Throw some dogs into the mix and, according to Olenoski, the Pell Lake Beach becomes a dangerous proposition for children, especially younger ones.

"We went to (Bloomfield Town Chairman) Ken Monroe and said there's people bringing their dogs into the beach area where the kids are swimming," he said.

Olenoski also went to Bloomfield Police Chief Steve Cole, who provided him with copies of the town ordinances about the beach. As it turns out, dogs, glass objects and fishing aren't allowed there.

During his research, Olenoski also discovered some old signs in the attic of the Pell Lake Property Owners Association Clubhouse. The beach rules were painted on these signs, which he said had been left in the clubhouse for about 20 years.

Recently, Olenoski installed some of those signs near the Pell Lake Beach. The association spent about $100 on refurbishing the signs. With some help from other residents, he also installed 17 posts along North Lake Shore Drive to delineate the parameters of the beach area. Monroe supplied the posts, Olenoski said.

He said with the ordinance now posted at the beach, ignorance should be no excuse to disobey the rules, which are in place to ensure everyone enjoys what the community has to offer.

Dog owners, take heed.

"The big reason we're doing this is because people are bringing dogs into the swimming area, where the kids are swimming," Olenoski said.

"We're afraid two dogs might get into a fight where the kids are and someone may get hurt. We don't want anyone getting scratched or bit."

But Olenoski's work isn't done.

He said the next phase of his project is to post ordinance signs at the beach near Old Roller Rink Park. Other beach improvements are in store for the future, Olenoski said.

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