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Update: Sheriff releases names of shooting suspects

Corey Moore-Morrison
August 06, 2010 | 11:24 AM
Town of Delavan — Police have identified the two suspects that were allegedly involved in a Thursday afternoon shooting on the south side of Delavan Lake.

Police arrested Corey Moore-Morrison, 18, of Janesville and Nathan N. Williams, 28, of Darien. Both men are in custody on probation holds.

The Walworth County Sheriff's Department will refer several felony charges to the District Attorney's Office, according to a press release.

Eric Grethe, Bloomfield Township, was apparently shot in the back around 3:46 p.m. on Townline Road and Bennett Street with a small caliber handgun.

Nathan Williams
Walworth County Sheriff David Graves said Moore-Morrison, Williams and Grethe all are familiar with each other.

Grethe was transported to the hospital and taken into surgery following the incident. The Walworth County Sheriff's Department is reporting that he is in stable condition.

Graves said Friday afternoon that the investigation is ongoing, but he could not comment on whether drugs were involved in the incident or found on the scene.

However, Graves did confirm money was found in a driveway by the shooting but wouldn't confirm the amount.

Greg Sannes, who lives on Ravenswood Drive, said his neighbor found cash in his driveway after the incident.

"It was a good amount of cash," Sannes said.

The preliminary investigation indicated all three men were in a vehicle when an argument began and one of the men was shot, according to the press release. Graves could not say why the three were in the area.

Police were able to locate both men after an extensive search of the area.

Moore-Morrison was the first suspect taken into custody.

"He saw one squad car go by and he tried to get out of the perimeter and ran right in front of another squad," Graves said.

Williams was located in an unlocked home on Ravenswood Drive.

"The dogs had led us to that residence, and we searched the house and found him," Graves said.

Canine units, air support and foot patrol were used during the search effort.

Sannes said police arrived in his neighborhood around 3:45 p.m. and were in the area until after 8 p.m.

He also said during the search he directed police to a neighbor's home that he knew was unlocked.

Police searched the home, but didn't find the suspect there.

The gun used in the incident has not been retrieved. Anyone who finds the gun is asked to call 911 and not touch the weapon if it is located.

"We have divers in the water as we speak trying to recover it," Graves said.

Sannes said he considers his neighborhood safe, and this is the first incident of this nature in the nine years he lived in the area.

"This is the first time the SWAT team has been in the neighborhood for sure," Sannes said.

During the incident, Sannes said several neighbors armed themselves in case they came in contact with one of the assailants.

"We were kind of concerned for our safety at that time," Sannes said. "We were armed ourselves."

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