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Eastview unveils new entrance, kitchen for 2010-11

September 01, 2010 | 09:04 AM
It doesn't take long to see the differences at Eastview Elementary School from last school year to the new one.

Walking in from the expansive parking lot on Sage Street, there are now two entrances to the building. One into the hallway and the other to the brand new main office. Relocated from the middle of the building on the second floor, the new office is about the same size, but will be much more accommodating to visitors and safer for students and teachers.

"When the new parking lot was put there, which is now the main and only parking area, it only made sense to have the office and entryway down here," Eastview Principal Colin Nugent said. "Plus, it makes the building that much more secure."

In previous years, two entrances were available to visitors and Nugent said because the office wasn't close to either, people wandered the hallways looking for the office. Last year, the entrance on Sage Street, the original main entrance, was locked after the school day started, forcing visitors to enter from the parking lot. However, with the office being on the second floor and in the middle of the building, Nugent admitted people didn't always come to the office and sign in.

"Anybody could walk in," he said. "We didn't have any problems, but this is much better."

Nugent said after the buses drop off the students, the doors into the hallway will be locked. That will occur at about 8:30 a.m. From that time on, visitors will be required to enter the office, just to the right of the hallway entrance. Similar to Badger High School they will have to enter through the office to gain access to the hallway and classrooms.

"Everybody was supposed to report to the office and get a tag, but that didn't always happen," Nugent said. "This will make it much more secure and I think everybody is going to appreciate this."

So far, Nugent said he's received positive responses about the new office from parents and others.

"We received rave reviews from registration — they really, really like it," he said. "It will be a benefit. We will know who is in the building and when they come in."

Nugent said it may take some time for some to get used to the new entrance. He said there will be an effort to aid in that transition by "dressing up the front."

"People will get the hang of it," he said. We are looking at getting something out there and dressing up the front so people know the main office entrance is open."

The change has been a work in progress and was aided by the enlarged parking lot, provided by the city of Lake Geneva.

"The wheels were in motion to relocate the office, whether it was down here or the old main entrance," Nugent said.

The parking lot made the decision easy.

Nugent said plans are to relocate the flag pole to the new entrance and benches already have been placed in the area.

"We are trying to make this the main entrance as much as possible," he said.

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