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Someone steals ATM from Lucke's Cantina

September 29, 2010 | 08:19 AM
Williams Bay — Police are investigating a burglary at Lucke's Cantina after someone broke into the restaurant last week and stole an ATM full of cash.

The theif or thieves also broke into a safe that contained cash and took jackets that were left overnight by employees.

Village police officer Dan Lauderdale said this type of crime is unusual for Williams Bay.

"It doesn't happen often, but it has happened," he said.

Lauderdale said the investigation is active and that the thief or thieves left the restaurant with an undetermined amount of money.

Police have not located the ATM. Lauderdale said the stolen ATM weighs about 200 pounds. About three years ago, Lucke's Cantina was burglarized and that case is also still pending.

On Sept. 22 at 8:21 a.m., police were called to the establishment after deliverymen reported an apparent burglary.

According to the police report, the deliveryman saw an outside door was damaged, but he still dropped off his package.

The deliveryman saw a second door was open and thought maybe someone was inside working. The delivery man observed that the ATM was missing, so he left the bar area and contacted the owner.

When police arrived they observed pry marks on the door jam. Inside of the bar police found another door, that leads to an office, had been broken into.

The thieves broke into a safe that was inside of the office and stole cash that was inside of a cash drawer. On the top of the safe was an empty glass jar that had contained money from a Memorial Fund for an employee of the restaurant.

After police left, the restaurant owner contacted them and said when kitchen employees arrived to work they discovered their jackets had been removed from a storage cabinet.

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