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Lyons man faces charges after SWAT call

October 20, 2010 | 08:32 AM
Elkhorn — After allegedly hitting his girlfriend Oct. 2 a 32-year-old Lyons man told police he was armed with a shotgun and wouldn't leave his home.

Nicholas E. Larson, 1675 Brandi St., faces felony charges of strangulation and suffocation, failure to comply with an officers attempt to take a person into custody and bail jumping.

In Walworth County Circuit Court, Larson also has been charged with misdemeanor battery. All of the counts have been elevated to a repeater status because of previous criminal convictions.

If convicted of all counts, Larson faces 28 years and three months imprisonment and $55,000 in fines. He has a Nov. 22 preliminary hearing. In a separate case, Larson is facing a felony fifth-offense drunken driving charge. That charge carries a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment and $10,000 in fines.

After the man allegedly told police he was armed with a weapon, a Sheriff's deputy contacted the SWAT team.

However, Sheriff David Graves said Larson surrendered before the SWAT team arrived, which prevented a standoff situation.

Graves said no weapons were retrieved from the residence.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police responded to Larson's residence in Lyons Township after receiving a report he had threatened to kill people in the home. Larson's girlfriend told police the two had been drinking that evening and returned home.

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A condition of Larson's bond for the drunken driving offense was not to consume alcohol.

The girlfriend picked up her cell phone to set the alarm when Larson began "flipping out" and accused the woman of cheating on him.

The woman said Larson pushed her, shoved her and struck her with a closed fist. A 16-year-old entered the room to defend the woman, but Larson wrestled the juvenile to the ground. He then strangled the child.

The woman told police she knew there was a BB gun in house. However, she wasn't 100 percent sure other weapons weren't in the home.

A Walworth County Sheriff's Deputy approached the residence and made contact with Larson, who was inside.

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Larson slid a window open and told the deputy he had a shotgun and was not coming out. Larson was asked to leave the residence without a weapon, but he refused.

The Walworth County SWAT team was called to the residence and a short time later, Larson surrendered.

He was given a portable Breathalyzer test, which came back with a result of 0.17.

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