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Flatiron Park will stay as is

October 27, 2010 | 11:07 AM
Residents who contacted their aldermen wanting few or no changes to Flatiron Park received their wish Monday night.

After working on a plan to renovate Flatiron Park for more than three years, it appears as if the Lake Geneva Beautification Committee is no longer involved in the process.

Aldermen voted on a number of recommendations included in the committee's plan. Aldermen unanimously voted in favor of only two items on the list — a sidewalk along the east side of the park and additional plantings of shrubs and flowers. It also appears as if the dilapidated gazebo will be rebuilt in the same location.

The Beautification Committee had created a plan to enhance the park, which included a ceremony space, water feature, new gazebo, sidewalks through the park and an elevated stage. Aldermen voted unanimously against all those items as well as roundabouts and speed humps, which already had been taken out of the plan.

Following the Oct. 4 meeting, Beautification Committee members were unsure which items aldermen wanted in the plan, which is why the agenda item was included Monday night.

Alderman Todd Krause said the intent of the recommendations was to give "definitive ideas" to the Beautification Committee so it could go back and continue its work on the plan.

"The purpose is there are all these different features," Alderman Bill Mott said. "The last time it was vague to the Beautification Committee what is actually going to go in the park. This will clarify the intent for the park."

Alderwoman Ellyn Kehoe said she planned to vote based on the constituents who called her. She said the people who called said no.

"They just want a place that's always been the same," Kehoe said.

Alderwoman Arleen Krohn reiterated her statements from the meeting earlier in the month.

"I thought at the last meeting, we voted unanimously to keep it a green space," Krohn said. "I have had numerous calls to leave it alone. We don't want any changes made to the park."

The gazebo, sidewalk and planting additions will go to Public Works to be completed.

The Beautification Committee first appeared in front of the council members in August. Since that meeting, the Committee removed parts of the plan, including the temporary road on the north side of the park. They also did not include a roundabout at the intersection of Wrigley Drive and Broad Street. Aldermen had suggested removal of those items.

During the Oct. 4, Committee of the Whole meeting, talks continued about the plan. Although no action was taken, aldermen disagreed with other items still included in the plan, such as the splash feature, speed humps, the roundabout on the south side near the boat launch and the elevated stage.

At that time, it appeared the only consensus feature for the enhanced park was the sidewalk on the east side along Center Street. The other sidewalks that weave through the park to crosswalks across Wrigley Drive and Center Street received mixed reviews.

Aldermen agreed their main concerns revolved around keeping green space and future costs to maintain the sidewalks, splash feature and the irrigation system.

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