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Two meetings for a busy Town Board

November 03, 2010 | 08:46 AM
Geneva — There's a lot on the plate for the Town Board. That's why, this month, it will have two meetings.

Apparently, the regular board meeting last month ran long. In an e-mail Sunday, Town Chairman Dan Lauderdale explained why there will be board meetings the next two Mondays, Nov. 8 and 15.

"In October, the town supervisors endured a rather lengthy meeting and confusion resulted when one did not recall whether or not a vote had been taken," Lauderdale said.

The confusion occurred Oct. 11 during a discussion about ways to deal with spacial and structural concerns with the Town Hall.

Supervisor Larry Kulik insisted the board voted on moving forward with the project. He said himself and Supervisor Steve Kukla voted against the motion, and Lauderdale and Supervisor Keith Millard voted in favor of it. Supervisor Bob Kamps wasn't present Oct. 11. Kulik said ultimately, action was tabled until all five supervisors were present.

However, Lauderdale, Kukla and Town Clerk-Treasurer Deb Kirch said no official vote took place that evening concerning the Town Hall.

"There were so many things we voted on that night, but I believe on that particular subject (the Town Hall idea) was tabled," Kukla said Oct. 18.

On Sunday, Lauderdale said he doesn't want to "overburden" the supervisors in the future.

"As a result, I have given consideration to the length of normally scheduled monthly meetings that always take place on the second Monday of each month," he said.

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What to expect

According to Lauderdale, potential board action items could be agenda items Nov. 8, while issues being addressed by town committees may appear on the Nov. 15 agenda.

He said the Nov. 8 meeting "may include topics of lengthy discussion and consideration once again."

"There will be consideration given to The Lodge at Geneva Ridge water park construction that could create additional jobs as a result of our vote," Lauderdale said. "There could also be lengthy consideration on a proposed plan for Woods School, ordinance revisions after a public hearing and the two Planning Commission topics on the agenda."

On Monday, Kirch said Woods School Administrator Ed Brzinski talked to her recently about an idea for the town to lend money to the school district, versus the district borrowing it from a bank. Kirch also said she had no written proposal or request for this idea.

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It appears the Nov. 15 meeting will focus on committee items.

Lauderdale said typical agendas for regular board meetings consist of items to be discussed or acted upon by the board and items under committee reports.

"Normally, the committee reports section of our meetings consist of topics that are decided by just that — committees," he said. "Because the (board) does not have these subcommittees, we cover their topics collectively at our monthly meetings. The practice of doing this is not uncommon for other municipalities when they have their Committee of the Whole meetings or workshops."

According to Lauderdale, the anticipated length of the Nov. 8 meeting is why committee reports will be discussed Nov. 15.

"Other topics could be included within that agenda, but most probably will not," he said.

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Is this going to be how the Geneva Town Board will proceed to handle business? Lauderdale said he will continue to "monitor this on a monthly basis." Otherwise, check for agendas at the town's posting locations or on its website, www.townofgenevawi.com.

"Most all topics that could be of large concern or interest to town residents will continue to be scheduled to take place at the normal second Monday of each month," he said. "The town of Geneva goes well beyond its statutory obligation of providing notice of meetings and makes every attempt to do so with eight to 10 days notice by its very timely postings."

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