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Lyons levy stays the same, budget down slightly for 2011

November 10, 2010 | 09:19 AM
Lyons — A town levy equal to last year and a town budget about 13 percent lower than last year were approved by the town board Monday, Nov. 8.

There was no comment from the public during the hearing on the budget and levy that preceded the town board meeting.

The $335,849 levy approved for the 2011 budget, is identical to the levy approved for last year, according to town figures.

While that levy applies to the entire town, the part of the town that is within the Lyons Sanitary District 2, is also a street lighting district. This year, the town plans to levy $13,400 to pay utilities and maintainance within the district, said Town Board Chairman William Mangold. That's down from last year's street light levy of $16,500. Town expenditures for 2011 are $1.16 million, down about $25,000 from last year's budget of $1.19 million.

One of the big reductions in the budget this year was the end of debt service payments on the new town hall, Mangold said. The town made the final payment of $74,430 on the town hall last year, he said. While debt service was cut by more than $74,000 this year, there was an increase of nearly $27,000 in the town's capital outlay budget, from $253,172 to $280,000.

Of that, about $22,000 will go to the town's reserve for future capital outlay. Capital outlay pays for road work, new vehicles and new buildings, Mangold said.

The following line items remained unchanged in the town budget:

- Health and human services: $1,000.

- Culture, recreation and education: $3,000.

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- Economic development: $240,000.

Other line items showed slight increases and decreases.

- General government increased 1.2 percent, from $134,725 to $136,305.

- Public safety decreased 2.3 percent from $185,680 to $181,325.

- Public works increased just $260 from $299,554 to $299,814.

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Overall, those three funds declined $2,515 from last year.

Going into 2011, the town anticipates a fund balance of $241,930, with $18,997 in the general fund balance and $222,933 in the capital projects fund balance.

According to Town Clerk Karla Hill, the town tax rate has not yet been calculated.

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