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Signs of decay?

November 17, 2010 | 09:05 AM
Linn — "There's a good one," Reek School Administrator Lillian Henderson said Thursday, Nov. 11.

She bent down three feet from the school's main entrance and plucked what appeared to be a potato chip off the edge of the sidewalk. It was a good-sized chip, the kind you'd hope not to break as you pull it out of the bag.

"Another one to add to the collection," Henderson said jokingly.

But it's not a potato chip. It's a piece of brick.

Look along the perimeter of Reek School and, in some spots, these flakes line the ground.

At the north end of the school, near the bright blue tables on the student playground, there's a patch below a row of windows.

Henderson digs her fingers into one of several spots where the edges of each brick face are curled like wet, aged paper. Below this particular patch are a couple of white stains, as if some sort of foam dried on the bricks. Henderson said it's called "spalling," and it's caused by moisture.

She doesn't have to dig hard for red-brown snow to fall and become lost among the playground wood chips.

Henderson said this is a problem with the 1993 addition to Reek School and in some parts where that addition joins the 1939 portion of it.

But it's not just the bricks.

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