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Five charged in plot to import California marijuana

Plan broken up when parents turn in daughter

WHO WAS CHARGED? Merrick J. Boyer, 18, 1245 Morning View Dr. No. 162, Escondido Calif. Ian G. Johnson, 18, 3393 South Road, Lyons Township. Taylor M. Aguilar, 18, 1126 Dodge St., Lake Geneva. Curt A. Schlagel, 18, Sugar Creek Township. Nikolas A. Koch, 18, 24-1/2 S. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn.
December 15, 2010 | 08:19 AM
Elkhorn — Four people in Walworth County and one in California have been charged for allegedly planning to have marijuana shipped from California to sell to students at Elkhorn Area High School and elsewhere in Walworth County.

Ian G. Johnson, 18, 3393 South Road, Lyons Township; Taylor M. Aguilar, 18, 1126 Dodge St., Lake Geneva; Curt A. Schlagel, 18, Sugar Creek Township; and Nikolas A. Koch, 18, 24-1/2 S. Wisconsin St., Elkhorn, have all been charged with conspiracy to deliver marijuana. If convicted, they each face up to six years imprisonment and $10,000 in fines.

Merrick J. Boyer, 18, 1245 Morning View Dr. No. 162, Escondido, Calif., faces a felony charge of delivering marijuana. If convicted, he also faces up to six years imprisonment.

According to the criminal complaint:

On April 19, police met with a girl and her parents at the Walworth County Sheriff's Department.

The girl's parents told police they found a text message on their daughter's phone regarding a package of a marijuana that was going to be delivered to Schlagel.

The girl told police she met Boyer while vacationing in California and arranged for him to send packages of marijuana to Wisconsin.

She told police Boyer has a medical card to grow marijuana in California and that she could buy marijuana by the gram from Boyer for $10 and sell it in Wisconsin for $20.

During her Easter break, the girl said she received 2 ounces of marijuana from Boyer. At this time, Boyer also came to Wisconsin with an additional three ounces of marijuana to sell.

The girl told police there were more than 100 students at the Elkhorn Area High School who were potential marijuana buyers.

She said she never sold the marijuana, but instead was communicating with Boyer to arrange shipments.

A second package containing a half-pound of marijuana was sent to Schlagel April 16, according to the girl. The entire first package was sold and about $2,000 was wired to Boyer through Wal-Mart.

The girl's parents located a tracking number from UPS on their daughter's cell phone, which indicated it had been delivered to Koch's home.

Later that day, police met with Schlagel who admitted he was partners with the girl in buying marijuana.

Schlagel told police he sold the first package of marijuana, but gave the second package to Johnson because he was afraid police might search his house.

Police then searched Schlagel's bedroom and found trace amounts of marijuana. During the search, Schlagel told police, "Here, just let me get this for you." He then turned over a case containing $893, and told police the money was profits from selling marijuana.

Police went to Johnson's home and waited for him to arrive with his parents for about 90 minutes.

As they waited, his girlfriend, Aguilar, and her friend entered and exited the home a couple of times.

The friend later told police Aguilar went into Johnson's bedroom and removed a large bag of marijuana, pipes and a scale and put the items into a backpack.

Aguilar then dropped the backpack out of a bedroom window while police were waiting for Johnson to return to the residence.

Before leaving the residence, without the knowledge of the police, she retrieved the backpack and brought it to Johnson.

On April 20, police spoke to Koch's mother about the package sent to the home from California.

She said she knew her son was receiving a package and was concerned it contained marijuana.

However, she said her son open the package and it contained DVDs, T-shirts and a bag of coffee beans.

Johnson later told police he hid the backpack in the woods on Bloomfield Road.

On May 4, police contacted a person who identified himself as Boyer over the phone.

The man told police he has a medical marijuana card from California and he knows Schlagel and the juvenile girl.

He also admitted to sending marijuana to Wisconsin.

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