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Will Linn have a primary?

Three may run for chairman

December 22, 2010 | 08:40 AM
Linn — It could be one for the history books.

If the three people who obtained papers to run for town chairman next April file by the Jan. 4 deadline, it would require the first town primary in recent memory.

On Monday, Town Clerk-Treasurer Sue Polyock said those who obtained papers for the position so far are incumbent Jim Weiss, W4656 Tory's Trail; Allan J. Polyock, N146 Bissel Road; and Steven J. Mack, N1807 Sydney Smith Lane.

That's just one reason, primary or not, the upcoming election may become memorable.

It appears two current supervisors won't be seeking election this coming spring.

According to Sue Polyock, she received noncandidacy statements from Tom Jacobs, N2008 South Lake Shore Drive, and Mike Palmer, W3861 Highway B.

However, two people already have stepped forward to seek those positions.

Polyock said Christine Jones, W3746 Linton Road, took out papers for the position held by Jacobs.

The one person who had all papers filed and will appear on the ballot for sure next April — S. Terry Woods, W4854 State Line Road — is seeking the position held by Palmer.

Also, Polyock said herself, W3790 Mohawk Road, and incumbent Judge Peter B. King, N1723 Maple Ridge Road, obtained papers for re-election.

The deadline for a candidate to file and have their name on the spring election ballot is Jan. 4.

For noncandidacy statements, the deadline is Dec. 27.

Local politics

This state of flux in town politics began with the resignation of former longtime Town Chairman David Bollweg.

Citing health reasons and the police controversy over the sale of a lawn tractor which had been impounded as evidence, Bollweg resigned in May.

Last summer, the board appointed Weiss to fill that spot. However, one man can't hold two positions, so the board last fall appointed former longtime supervisor Jacobs to fill the supervisor spot vacated by Weiss.

Jacobs' noncandidacy statement should come as no surprise. In September, he said he had "no desire to run in the election."

At that time, five people publicly expressed a desire to seek the position. Weiss said this would level the playing field.

"In fairness to all involved, (with) Mr. Jacobs not having a desire to run in April creates a clean slate for all those who want to run in (the April) election," he said.

Weiss was on the Town Board since December 2003, when he was appointed to replace Jacobs.

As for the potential challengers, Allan Polyock is no stranger to both town and county politics.

He was a town chairman and a County Board supervisor.

Mack served on the Traver School Board.

Earlier this year, he stepped down from that position.

He hasn't served in any elected town government positions.

Neither has Woods.

Jones was a Town Board supervisor for several years.

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