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Austin won't seek re-election

Plan Commission chairman running for seat

January 05, 2011 | 08:45 AM
Walworth Township — When Larry Austin first ran for political office, village of Walworth and town officials were at odds over fire protection in the community.

Austin won a supervisor seat in a recall election. After that he wanted to put out the political fires that existed.

"We have improved our relationship a bunch with the village," Austin said. Austin said he is pleased that issue has been resolved and that the two communities have worked together to create a joint paid-on-premises fire and rescue service.

"I worked with (Walworth Trustee) Patrick Hubertz with the paid-on-premises and that is running really well," he said.

Austin said he always did what he thought was right, not just what was politically popular.

"Every decision I made I didn't make to get re-elected," he said.

Now, Austin said it is time for someone else to step up and run for the board.

"I guess I've had enough fun with it," Austin said. "It has been at least three elections maybe more."

Austin said he is pleased the municipality is in the process of building a new Town Hall, which located on Six Corners Road next to the Kikkoman plant. The soy sauce manufacture donated the land for the facility.

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According to Austin the village's budget is also in good shape. Annually, the town sets aside about $35,000 to put toward purchasing new emergency service and public works vehicles. This allows the town to avoid borrowing to fund these expenditures.

However, he said the most important reason he isn't seek re-election, is to spend more time with his wife.

"My wife sits at home alone more when I'm at these meetings," Austin said.

In addition to serving on the Town Board, Austin also has volunteered on the Walworth and Fontana rescue squads.

He is a captain on the Walworth squad.

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Austin has served on the Walworth Elementary School Board and has served on the Walworth State Bank board.

In the future, he may volunteer to work on a board for a non-profit organization.

"I might find something different to do," he said. "I like to stay active."

Other incumbents seeking re-election

Town Chairman Joe Abell and supervisor Bill Pearce are both running for re-election.

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Abell said this will be his last term.

"Three terms will be enough. Politics should never be a profession," he said.

He said the biggest reason he ran for another term is to see through the construction of the new Town Hall.

The Regional News was unable to reach Pearce by deadline.

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