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Warrant issued for illegal immigrant who skips courts

Diaz-Hernandez was working at resort under false name

February 23, 2011 | 08:46 AM
Elkhorn — After missing a court hearing, a warrant has been issued for an illegal immigrant who was employed at the Abbey Resort under a false name.

Francisco A. Diaz-Hernandez, 127 Allen St., No. 11, has been charged with felony identity theft, financial gain. If convicted, he faces up to six years imprisonment and $10,000 in fines.

On Nov. 14, a $10,000 signature bond and a $2,000 cash bond was set for Diaz-Hernandez. He posted bond on Nov. 15.

On Jan. 5, Diaz-Hernandez was scheduled for a hearing, which he didn't attend. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest and a bail bond forfeiture hearing was scheduled for Feb. 16, and Diaz-Hernandez didn't appear for that hearing.

According to the criminal complaint:

Diaz-Hernandez met a man at a party in Burlington who said he was Arturo Sanchez.

The man who identified himself as Sanchez offered Diaz-Hernandez the use of his Social Security number. In exchange, Diaz-Hernandez would have child support payments deducted from his check.

About $50 was taken out of the paychecks to pay child support.

However, the man Diaz-Hernandez struck a deal with wasn't Arturo Sanchez.

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When police showed Diaz-Hernandez a picture of Sanchez, it wasn't the same man with whom he struck an agreement. Diaz-Hernandez said the man he thought was Sanchez even took him to the Abbey Resort and helped him fill out a job application.

The investigation began when, an employee for the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Division contacted police because Sanchez had been receiving unemployment benefits for the previous two years, but appeared to be working at the Abbey Resort in Fontana.

However, Sanchez claimed never to have worked at the Abbey Resort.

Sanchez attended an administrative hearing and resort employees said Sanchez wasn't the same man who worked there.

On Nov. 13, police met with Diaz-Hernandez at the Abbey Resort.

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Initially, Diaz-Hernandez identified himself as Sanchez, but then denied it.

At the Police Department, Diaz-Hernandez said about 10 years ago he paid someone $1,500 to help him cross the border.

That man also provided him with a Social Security number Diaz-Hernandez used when he worked at Delco Metal in Delavan for five years.

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