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Weiss, Polyock edge out newcomer in primary

February 23, 2011 | 09:02 AM
Linn — If the results from the Feb. 15 primary are any indication, it's going to be a close race to decide the next chairman.

Of the three people seeking the position, former town and county official Allan Polyock received a total of 118 votes. Incumbent Linn Chairman Jim Weiss, a former town supervisor, received 109. Steve Mack, a former Traver School Board member who made his town political debut in this race, received 47.

That means Polyock and Weiss advance to the April 5 general election.

Weiss said he was pleased with the results and the turnout during a telephone interview Wednesday, Feb. 16.

"It was a significant showing on the south shore and it was good on the north shore," Weiss said. "It shows people are concerned about the political future of the town of Linn."

On Friday, Polyock said the results were somewhat of a surprise to him.

"I wouldn't say I expected to get the most (votes), but I expected to be in the top two," he said.

An attempt to reach Mack for comment was unsuccessful by press time.

The past year proved to be busier than normal for town politics. After controversy surrounding former and current members of the Town Police Department and fallout from the sale of a lawn tractor impounded as evidence, former longtime Chairman David Bollweg resigned last May.

This led to the Town Board selecting Weiss to be acting chairman, and eventually, the former supervisor was appointed to the head position.

But was he surprised to land in second place by nine votes? Weiss said no. He said he didn't even have any campaign signs posted anywhere.

"I think the results were well without signage," Weiss said.

However, in the weeks leading up to the general election, he said he will be putting up signs and strengthening his campaign.

"I think I need to continue to get the word out of what has been accomplished since I became chairman and also what the board has done (when) I was supervisor," Weiss said.

Polyock thanked his supporters. He said he thinks he is "pretty well known" in the area.

Polyock said he cares for the town of Linn, has been involved in local politics for years and rarely misses a town meeting.

"I think it all adds up," he said.

Polyock said he did some of what candidates typically do during a campaign. He placed a few signs in the area, but in the future, he said people can expect to see more signs and ads.

Polyock also said he plans to "get out and meet people."

"I think I'm well-qualified to do the job," he said. "I think I can get things done even though times are tough."


According to Linn Clerk-Treasurer Sue Polyock, a total of 274 people voted in the Feb. 15 primary.

In the race for chairman, following was the breakdown from the town's two polling locations — the Linn Town Hall, for south shore residents, and Chapel On The Hill, for north shore voters:

- Weiss: 88 south shore votes, 21 north shore.

- Polyock: 103 south shore, 15 north.

- Mack: 42 south, five north.

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