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Student asks TIN to help grandma

March 09, 2011 | 07:37 AM
Dear W.C.,

I am worried about my grandma. She has been very sick. I am in college out of state and surprised her with a visit last week. I was shocked by how bad she looked. She is much too skinny and her house was very cold. I cried when I saw she had very little food in the house. I am in college on a scholarship and do not have any money to help her myself. I used what money I had and bought her some food.

I asked her if she was paying her bills and she told me it wasn't my concern. I saw overdue bills on her kitchen counter. I also noticed her glasses were broken and asked her if she had another pair. She said she did not, which has me worried because I know she cannot see without them. She raised me as a child when my own mother was incapable. She encouraged me my whole life to get educated and be the best I could be. I am the only relative my grandma has left to count on. I feel so sad seeing her struggle after years of caring for me.

Can you please help my grandma? She has been a loving, caring, hardworking person her whole life.

Sad & Worried Granddaughter

Dear Readers,

I called the young woman who wrote the letter as it was the only telephone number on the correspondence. The granddaughter was very happy that I was calling to help her grandma. She gave me her grandmother's address but told me her telephone number had been disconnected. She asked me to please call her after visiting her grandmother, I agreed.

I arrived at a very small house. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. After several minutes, I heard a woman call through the door, "Who's there?" I explained who I was and how her granddaughter had sent me. I gave some detailed information that the granddaughter told me to identify myself with. The woman then opened the door and knew I was sent by her granddaughter.

I noticed how the grandmother moved very slowly and her hands trembled. I also noted the rundown condition of the home and the almost nonexistent heat. It was very cold inside. We sat to talk at the kitchen table. I saw a stack of bills and disconnection notices with a magnifying glass next to them. I asked the grandmother what had happened to her glasses. She said they broke when she had fallen outside on the ice. I asked if she had gone to the doctor when she fell and she said no, she could not afford to and she also could not afford to get new eye glasses. I asked if I could look around the kitchen and she said it would be alright. I did not see much food. I asked if she had any help at all. She said when her granddaughter came home from college she would be able to help again.

I told her that would not be until spring break and she said she could wait until then. I did not see how she could wait any longer for help. I told her I was going to arrange for some help and she tried to say no. I told her it was her turn to be cared for. We talked for a while longer. She told me how God was her strength. She started to cry, breaking down due to the fact she could no longer exist independently. I consoled her, assuring her that fellow creations of God are supposed to help one another. I told her I needed her cooperation as well. She smiled and finally nodded her head in approval.

I called a dear friend and volunteer and they offered to bring her to get new eyeglasses and to the doctor due to her painful fall. I went immediately after our visit to purchase food and some household necessities. With the grandmothers permission I went through her overdue bills. There was an overdue water/sewer bill, electric, and gas. We brought these up to date and paid a little into the future. I could see by her bills and household she was living very frugally. She was extremely proud of her granddaughter. She had been working ever since she was a teenager to pay her own way. I told her she certainly had good reason to be proud of the way she raised her and what a wonderful caring person her granddaughter had become.

My friend/volunteer arranged for additional help for the elderly woman through Walworth County Aging & Disability Services. Three Time Is Now To Help volunteers are now rotating visits. God Bless them and all of you for helping.

There are many of our wonderful senior citizens struggling in the same situation, too proud to ask for help. They do without food, utilities, and medical necessities, just to be able to keep a roof over their heads. Together we need to network and keep watch for elderly in need. Together we make our communities a better place to live, easing the pains of poverty and loneliness.

Please help. Do not forget the Summertime Foundation $5,000 Matching Grant. For every dollar you donate another dollar will be matched. Please help us help our fellow Americans.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C.

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now To Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now To Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

A Very Special Thank You: Summertime Foundation, Michael & Sue Borden, Rebuild & Restore LLC, Illinois Tool Works Foundation, Dick & Jean Honeyager, Martin O'Brien, Margarie Egger, Michael Chier, Joan Rietz, Debra Guzman, Richard Costa, Ronald McDonald, Gerald & Marilyn Wilkin, Marie Kerkman, Anna Cygan, Charles & Penny Gruetzmacher, Walter & Florence Strumpf, Lillian Rudolf, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, ALL of you who support The Time Is Now To Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.

Memorials: Robert & Pidge Stevenson and Ted & Coreen Johnson in memory of Keith Tiffany.

The following memorials were given by Ed & Anna Marie Cygan: to Vi in memory of her great loss Tom & Michaela Lee. To Dorothy Fenning in memory of her loving husband Dan.

We Desperately Need Cars: Please donate a used car to help our fellow American's get to work and other daily necessities.

Goodsearch for The Time Is Now: Search the web with www.goodsearch.com and help to raise funds for The Time Is Now To Help. Just make www.goodsearch.com your homepage and pick The Time Is Now To Help as your charity.

Please visit: www.timeisnowtohelp.org

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