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Tough night for incumbents

The following are several of the races decided on Tuesday. For full coverage, pick up the Regional News this week and next week for comments from candidates in many of the races. --------------------------------------------- Bloomfield Twn-Chairperson KENNETH MONROE 611 Write-in Votes 28 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Bloomfield Twn-Superv 1 THOMAS M. SULLIVAN 436 BETH SAUNDERS 244 Write-in Votes 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Bloomfield Twn-Superv 2 DAVE NUSBERGER 258 WILLIAM W. HOLDER 392 Write-in Votes 2 ----------------------------------------------------- Bloomfield Twn-Treasurer PATRICIA ALVAREZ 645 Write-in Votes 1 ----------------------------------------------------- Bloomfield Twn-Judge DAVID W. SCHILTZ 595 Write-in Votes ----------------------------------------------------- Geneva Twn-Chairperson JOSEPH F. KOPECKY 595 DANIEL L. LAUDERDALE 506 Write-in Votes 4 ------------------------------------------------------ Geneva Twn-Superv 1 MERLE LOOMER 579 GENE DECKER 485 Write-in Votes 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Geneva Twn-Superv 2 KEITH E. MILLARD 525 JIM DAILY 528 Write-in Votes 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Geneva Twn-Clerk/Treasurer DEBRA L. KIRCH 976 Write-in Votes 5 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Linn Twn-Chairperson ALLAN J. POLYOCK 285 JAMES R. WEISS 402 Write-in Votes 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Linn Twn-Superv 1 CHRISTINE L. JONES 506 Write-in Votes 36 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Linn Twn-Superv 2 TERRY WOODS 505 Write-in Votes 21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linn Twn-Clerk/Treasurer SUE POLYOCK 606 Write-in Votes 9 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Linn Twn-Judge PETER KING 549 Write-in Votes 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyons Twn-Chairperson JOY BARTELSON 402 WILLIAM R. MANGOLD 353 Write-in Votes 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyons Twn-Superv 1 DOUGLAS DAY 599 Write-in Votes 11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyons Twn-Superv 2 W HENNINGFIELD 637 Write-in Votes 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyons Twn-Clerk KARLA HILL 667 Write-in Votes 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyons Twn-Treasurer GERI HENNINGFIELD 643 Write-in Votes --------------------------------------------------------------- Walworth Twn-Chairperson JOE ABELL 325 Write-in Votes 0 ------------------------------------------------------------ Fontana Vlg-President ARVID PETERSEN 397 Write-in Votes 28 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fontana Vlg-Trustee MICKI O'CONNELL 232 RICK PAPPAS 231 BILL GAGE 329 THOMAS M. MCGREEVY 380 GEORGE SPADONI, JR 298 Write-in Votes 7 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Genoa City Vlg-President BARRY GOAD 167 JOHN P. WRZESZCZ 257 Write-in Votes 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Genoa City Vlg-Trustee JUDY HUNT 261 BILL ANTTI 280 PHILLIP TRASKASKI 242 Write-in Votes 19 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Genoa City Vlg-Judge ROBERT J. KLABUNDE 352 Write-in Votes --------------------------------------------------------- Walworth Vlg-President DAVID A. RASMUSSEN 347 Write-in Votes 11 ------------------------------------------------------------ Walworth Vlg-Trustee DENNIS VANDERBLOEMEN 263 TODD V. WATTERS 305 PAT HUBERTZ 302 Write-in Votes 8 -------------------------------------------------------------- Walworth Vlg-Judge JOHN W. PETERSON 334 Write-in Votes 4 --------------------------------------------------------------- Williams Bay Vlg-President JOHN P. MARRA 457 DON WEYHRAUCH 325 Write-in Votes 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ Williams Bay Vlg-Trustee GEORGE F. VLACH 454 WILLIAM B. DUNCAN 523 MARSHA ENGQUIST 459 Write-in Votes 26 --------------------------------------------------------------- Williams Bay Vlg-Judge DAVID B. WILLIAMS 621 Write-in Votes ------------------------------------------------------------- Lake Geneva City-Alder D1 WILLIAM COUSINO, JR. 147 ELLYN KEHOE 176 Write-in Votes 5 ------------------------------------------------------ Lake Geneva City-Alder D2 ALAN KUPSIK 223 Write-in Votes 12 --------------------------------------------------------- Lake Geneva City-Alder D3 ARLEEN KROHN 263 Write-in Votes 9 ------------------------------------------------------------ Lake Geneva City-Alder D4 TERRY O'NEILL 138 DONALD TOLAR 122 Write-in Votes 0 -------------------------------------------------------------- Lake Geneva City-Judge HENRY A. SIBBING 997 Write-in Votes ------------------------------------------------------------- Williams Bay School Bd LYNNE E. LANDGRAF 529 JIM PFEIL 418 RICHARD J. CHROUST 326 BILL MYERS 330 Write-in Votes
April 06, 2011 | 08:55 AM
The winds of change were certainly in the air Tuesday night.

A number of incumbent leaders fell in their races. The towns of Geneva and Lyons and the village of Genoa City all will have new people in charge come later this month. There also will be a new Fourth District alderman in Lake Geneva and a new Supervisor No. 2 in Geneva Township. But, in Linn, the incumbent chairman will serve his first full term in office.

Incumbents out

In Geneva Township, where the turnout was huge, former chairman Joe Kopecky, 61, defeated incumbent Daniel "Louie" Lauderdale 595-506. In 2007, Lauderdale defeated the incumbent Kopecky 553-374. Then, in 2009, Lauderdale defeated Kopecky again, 398-207.

Lauderdale was disappointed and surprised by Tuesday's numbers, but was gracious in defeat wishing Kopecky luck.

"I had a great four years and really enjoyed serving for that time," Lauderdale said. "I wish him the best of luck and will avail myself to any transition help he needs."

But, he said the results were a surprise because he thought he "had done a good job," including focus on the tax base, spending and cutting expenditures.

"I wish the results would have been different, but I wish Joe the best of luck," Lauderdale said.

Lauderdale said there were too many accomplishments to list during his past four years, but said the most important was the morale improvement throughout the town offices, including the police, highway and municipal court. He also cited the citizen committees created and the police commission as something he started and hopes "will carry on."

"I thank the voters for giving me the opportunity to serve," Lauderdale said.

Kopecky was unavailable for comment Tuesday night but was critical of Lauderdale during the campaign of not being transparent and not fostering positive relationships with neighboring communities.

Also losing his bid for re-election in Geneva Township appears to be Keith Millard. Jim Daily is in the lead 528-525 in a race that likely will involve a recount.

For eight years, Barry Goad, 47, was the Genoa City Village President. Now, John Wrzeszcz, 68, will take over with a 257-167 count. Goad served a term as village trustee prior to being president. Wrzeszcz has not held public office, but was the Public Works Superintendent in Genoa City for 35 years.

Newcomer Joy Bartelson, 40, defeated longtime Lyons Township Chairman William Mangold by a count of 402-353. She is a customer service representative for a private distributor and has lived in Lyons for 13 years after growing up in Spring Prairie.

In response to questions posed to her regarding the town headed in the right direction, she said the town has been "riding on a flat line for too long and there can be improvement. When decisions have been made, it's been irrational, not thought out and without the participation of taxpayers."

Longtime city alderman Don Tolar lost his bid for re-election in the Fourth District to Terry O'Neill by a count of 138-122.

Linn Township chair keeps seat

Jim Weiss, 47, defeated former chairman Allan Polyock 402-285. Weiss said it was a tough election, but he and Polyock "come from different perspectives. But, he was not surprised by the results.

"I felt as if people would vote based on what is going on in the world today," Weiss said late Tuesday night. "We are going to have to do more with less, we all agree on that, but his perspective is to cut services. Mine is not to cut services, but to sharpen them and be more efficient."

Polyock said Tuesday night that he told people what he was going to do and that did include cutting services.

"That's what I was going to do," Polyock said. "We have a lot of waste in this town and people don't know about it."

Polyock, who served two terms as chairman in the 1990s, said he thought he could do a better job as chairman because of the years of experience had in local politics.

Weiss said he was pleased with the results.

"I am very happy," he said. "I think this is a vote of confidence that I have done a good job."

He said people were pleased with the town's snow plowing this past winter and that's the type of improvement he is looking for in the town.

"We need to sharpen our pencils and be more efficient," Weiss said. "I think that will make a difference."

Bloomfield incumbents successful

In the race for Supervisor No. 1, incumbent Tom Sullivan, 65, defeated Beth Saunders 436-244. Saunders told the Regional News last week that she was no longer actively seeking the position.

Incumbent Supervisor No. 2 William Holder defeated challenger Dave Nusberger 392-258.

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