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New structure, new location in Flatiron

April 20, 2011 | 09:10 AM
It won't happen until after Venetian Festival in mid-August, but it appears as though a location and design for the new gazebo for Flatiron Park has been decided.

On Monday night, the city's Plan Commission approved the location northwest of the current gazebo and near the water fountain along Wrigley Drive. The planners also approved the look and style of the structure, including features that match the Riviera and new Wrigley Drive Bridge.

Public Works Director Dan Winkler said the structure will use the themes of those structures as well as the restrooms on the west end of Library Park.

"The columns will be masonry to match the Riviera, roof tiles to be clay like the Riviera and be made of high quality low maintenance materials like the Cedar Forest catalogue cut or equal," Winkler wrote in his memo about the replacement.

The structure, also called a pavilion, will be several inches off the ground, but will not have stairs like the current wooden gazebo.

"Situated a little more to the middle of the park and at grade, it offers some protection from the noise for ceremonial activities, a little more under roof for gatherings, is a safe distance from both Wrigley Drive and Center Street for active children and will be at a grade to provide ADA access for wheelchairs," Winkler wrote in his memo.

Mayor Jim Connors said another advantage to the new facility is that it will be essentially maintenance free because of the stone and tile work. The structure will be octagon in shape, about 6 to 8 inches above grade and about 24 feet in diameter. The floor will be concrete and musical performers will be visible from the location, according to Winkler.

The weather vane and the plaque from the old gazebo will be used in the new pavilion. The old wooden gazebo will not be torn down until the new pavilion is completed.

That isn't expected until after the Lake Geneva Jaycees Venetian Festival is complete in August.

"It won't be installed before Venetian," Winkler said. "We will mark where it will be and see how it works to set up around it. Then it will be built sometime after Venetian. We don't want to disturb the ground before Venetian."

Connors said the pavilion still must go out to bid. The location and design also must receive approval from the City Council.

Funding for the new gazebo is part of the Tax Incremental Financing District list for Flatiron Park.

In that line item, there is $250,000, but that was for a full redesign of the park, which did not receive council approval last year. City Administrator Dennis Jordan said he expects the gazebo to cost in the $45,000 range.

The remainder of the money in the Flatiron Park TIF line item will not be used.

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