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Trying to do big things

4-H begins 100th anniversary planning

April 27, 2011 | 09:01 AM
Linn — Bonnie Cornue said the town's 4-H Club wants 2014 to be a bang-up year.

In three years, the club turns 100. A home environment leader for the Linn club and a home environment key leader for the Walworth County 4-H Club, Cornue said during an April 14 telephone interview, the town club is believed to be the first and oldest in the state.

That's why, at the April 12 annual town meeting, Cornue asked the Linn Town Board to set aside a total of up to $2,500 over the next two years for a 4-H celebration. Town Clerk-Treasurer Sue Polyock said Conrue's motion to set money aside for the 4-H celebration in the budget years of 2012 and 2013 received a vote of 20-0.

"We're trying to do some big things, but we're not sure the township is going to be able to give us that kind of money," she said.

Cornue said 2014 "will be here before we know it," so she decided to bring it up at the April 12 meeting. That way, people can start talking about it and it's on record. However, in a statement she read at the meeting, Cornue asked for a possible amount of $2,500.

"I believe if you're asking the board to look at (anything about) funds, it has to be at an annual meeting," she said. "You have a record of it, they won't forget it, it would be brought up at budget time and we would be grateful for whatever the town gives."

Cornue said the club will keep the Linn Town Board informed on the celebration plans as they take shape.

"I hesitated to say what we were planning at the annual meeting because we don't have it all worked out yet," she said.

According to Cornue, the celebration planning will begin in May. But presently, the idea is to hold several events. In her April 12 statement, she asked for help to fund "the local celebrations that will run for several months in 2014, leading up to October 2014."

That's the month in which the club is believed to have been formed back in 1914.

"We don't want every celebration to be something that costs people money to come to," she said. "We want to do several different things.

Lots of people have some wonderful ideas."

She said plans also are under way at county and state levels to celebrate a club Cornue called a "big part of the township for a long time."

The 4-H Club still conducts several community activities each year, despite how times have changed.

"Although farming is less important now, it's the history 4-H has in the town," Cornue said. "The population has grown and it's changed, but the 4-H Club is still going on."

And people still support it. Cornue said after she spoke at the annual meeting, someone approached her and wrote a check to be donated toward the cost of the 100-year anniversary celebration.

"It was a $25 check, but it was totally unexpected," Cornue said.

She said the club is looking for donations toward the cause, and hinted at the possibility that such contributions could offset the amount she requested.

"If we start getting money, we might withdraw the request," Cornue said. "But we'll keep the board informed."

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