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After nearly 10 years, mission truly accomplished

May 04, 2011 | 08:01 AM
In New York and Washington D.C. late Sunday night, Americans took to the streets waving flags, jumping up and down and cheering.

But, they weren't celebrating one of their sports teams victories or an Election Day win. Their jubilation occurred minutes after an announcement part of the world, especially America, had waited for since September 2001.

Terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden was dead.

In one of his finest speeches, President Barack Obama told an eager audience during an unscheduled address to the nation, that American troops had killed Bin Laden, the founder of Al Qaeda and enemy of the United States even before the attacks on 9/11.

America had been pursuing this man for so long, there were questions whether we would ever find him and bring him to the justice he deserved.

Finally, we have.

Our president spoke for nearly 10 minutes. His words explained what happened during the military special operations that found and then killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. He also spoke of the impact 9/11 had on everyone, especially those who lost loved ones in the attacks. His words were clear and without hesitation.

But most of all, his words were confident, strong, powerful and reminded everyone of America's resolve and exceptionalism.

On Sunday night, it didn't matter whether you were a Democrat, a Republican or an independent. It didn't matter what state you resided in or what race you were. For at least one night again, seemingly for the first time in about 10 years, we were united, just as the president said.

As President Obama recited the words we so often do — One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all — it was difficult to realize how divided we have become in so many ways.

Yes, it definitely took a lot longer to find Bin Laden than anyone had first hoped when he became America's most wanted. But, in the end, our persistence paid off and we were successful.

Now, let's hope we use the same resolve and continue to be united as we try to find the answers needed to battle our own financial problems and make America great again. Sunday was a glimpse of the past and a reminder of what can be when we join together for a common goal.

Seiser is the editor of the Regional News.

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