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Village still plans to rebuild gazebo

Fontana searching for donations

May 11, 2011 | 08:31 AM
Fontana — After the Reid Park gazebo was torn down last year, village officials promised it would rebuild the structure.

During budget hearings earlier this year, even as other expenditures were being scrapped, the $35,000 to rebuild the gazebo remained in the plans.

However, to curb some costs, the village is looking for ways to bypass the public bidding requirements.

Under Wisconsin State Law, municipalities are required to put projects out to bid that cost more than $25,000.

When a project goes out to bid, the village is required to put together detailed plans, which ups the costs for the community.

So, in attempt to lower the cost to below the $25,000 mark, village officials are looking for ways to find donations of either materials or labor.

During the meeting, Trustee Thomas McGreevy questioned whether the village could purchase the material on its own and have a contractor build the gazebo.

Village Administrator Kelly Hayden said if the total project exceeds $25,000, no matter how the money is spent, it needs to go to bid.

Hayden is looking for help from the recently established Friends of Fontana 501(c)3 to work on reconstructing the gazebo.

Trustees Patrick Kenny and McGreevy also plan to discuss the situation with the Big Foot Lions Club.

The gazebo was torn down in October 2009. At that time, it was waving and wobbling and there was concern the structure would collapse, creating a safety hazard.

After caution tape was placed around it for a few days, the village's Public Work Department tore it down.

When it was torn down, local contractor Andy Pearce told village officials the gazebo was constructed so poorly it couldn't be renovated.

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