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Crumbling sidewalks need replacement

Village plans repairs for Safety Building parking lot




August 17, 2011 | 08:13 AM
FONTANA — With a brush of the foot, a cascade of stones tumble off the sidewalk in front of the Village's Safety Building and land on the worn asphalt in the parking lot.

During the August Village Board meeting, trustees approved allocating funds to repair the crumpling pavement.

Police Chief Steve Olson said the Safety Building parking lot has probably not been repaved since the structure was built in 1979. In the past, the blacktop has been recoated and sealed and patchwork has been done. However, with the asphalt broken in multiple pieces in some locations, the band-aid efforts no longer will suffice and plans have been approved to replace the parking lot's wearing surface.

However, repairing the entire parking lot, the sidewalks around the building and a retaining wall behind it proved to be too expensive to do in one year.

So, the project is being split into two phases, with half of the work being done this year and the other half being placed in next year's budget. The total cost for this year's portion of the project is about $17,000.

The low bid to repave the east parking lot came in at $13,983, which was submitted by Amon, of Elkhorn.

The low bid for repaving the east sidewalk came in at $3,350 from K & G Concrete, of Williams Bay.

Olson said the blacktop in the parking lot will be pulverized and razed to meet with the sidewalk.

Next year, the village is expected to complete the other half of the project around the safety building.

The north parking lot and sidewalk will be replaced.

A timber wood retaining wall behind the Post Office is rotting away and is also scheduled to be replaced. Olson said the new retaining wall will be made out of cinder block.

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During the board meeting, Trustee Peg Pollitt, who chair's the village's Protection Committee, said the parking lot will not need to be torn up twice.

Funding the project

In this year's budget, the board included $13,000 for maintenance to the village's Safety Building. This fell about $4,000 short of funding repairs to the east parking lot and sidewalk.

Last year, the village budgeted $35,000 to replace the Gazebo in Reid Park.

However, a bid came in at $24,900, just under the public bidding requirements, to complete the Gazebo project.

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Pollitt said savings on the Gazebo should be allocated to the Safety Building's parking lot project. However, Village Administrator Kelly Hayden said it may be premature to spend the money from the Gazebo project, because the structure hasn't been built yet.

Also, a $2,300 change order is needed for the project because the village wanted thicker posts on the Gazebo.

Hayden said funds were likely available in the Police Department's budget because long-time administrative assistant Gail Nichols retired and was replaced with Barbara Dorsey, who earns a lower pay rate.

Pollitt said there was a month where both Dorsey and Nichols worked at the same time for training purposes and any surplus in funds were likely used during that time.

Eventually the board approved to take the funds from the Gazebo project.

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