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August blessings matching grant equals $50,000

September 21, 2011 | 07:12 AM
I am happy to announce the completion of the August Blessings $25,000 Matching Grant. Thank you to our God loving, people caring donors of this matching grant. We also want to thank our supporters for their overwhelming response to this matching grant. Thanks to your caring and sharing we were able to assist our poverty stricken neighbors in the following ways:

Housing Assistance: $14,842.76

We provided rental assistance to families dealing with life threatening illnesses, single mothers, senior citizens, and many more fellow creations suffering job loss and tragedy. We provided emergency shelter for many people that lost their homes or apartments. We provided rent for grandparents that were given the responsibility of raising their grandchildren unexpectedly. God bless all of you for providing housing assistance to our fellow Americans in need.

Utility Assistance: Water: $859.00; Electric: $4,540.00; Gas: $3,650.00; Telephone: $350.00 = $9,399.00

Again, I was amazed by the number of people living without utilities. Electric, natural gas, water, and telephones have become a luxury. Many people regularly are having their utilities disconnected in the summer due to their inability to pay the bill. One high utility bill can put someone too far behind to catch up. One late payment on the budget plan and it reverts to a full bill that is even farther out of grasp. We restored lights, refrigerators, running water, stoves, washing machines, dryers, toilets, and showers. All the appliances we take for granted, that we could not even imagine living without, we found our fellow creations suffering without. God bless all of you for helping provide much needed utility assistance.

Food Assistance: $8,021.99

We provided the W.C. Family Resource Center with $3,000 in food from Feeding America (formerly known as Second Food Harvest). This in turn will provide over 15,789 lbs. of food for the food pantry that now serves over 500 families a month. God bless all the food pantries, the hardworking food pantry volunteers, and Jim and Ardith Drescher for their continued devotion to feeding the hungry at the W.C. Family Resource Center.

We also provided $5,021.99 in emergency food through gift cards and grocery purchases. We filled empty cupboards and refrigerators. We delivered groceries and meals. We want to make sure all children, families, and senior citizens that we find in desperate hunger, have good nutritious food in their homes and apartments. Thank you for providing this most appreciated gift of life, food for our fellow creations. God bless you.

Auto Assistance: $13,505.58

We provided three cars for women that had been waiting a very long time for a donated vehicle. These cars were necessary for their ability to work and provide for themselves and their families. We repaired a donated vehicle and also paid for its registration. We had seven cars repaired to good working order. We provided over $4,200 in gas assistance. Many people are still suffering due to the high cost of gas. Commuting for work and medical appointments continues to push budgets past their limits. We receive many requests for auto assistance and it continues to be a much appreciated area of help we offer. Please remember we still have many people on a waiting list for cars. Please consider donating your used car in the future.

Beds: $868

Thanks to Verlo Mattress Factory, mattresses and box springs were provided for a family. The child was sleeping on blankets on the floor and the parents had a old mattress on the floor. The beautiful child was so happy to have a real bed of their own. An elderly widow complained of constant back pain. After I saw her 40 year old mattress I knew why. We provided her with a new mattress, box spring, and frame. After a week of her new bed not only did her tears of gratitude go away, so did the pain in her back.

Household Necessities: $626.75; Toiletries: $600; School Supplies $300 = $1,526.75

Sheets, towels, blankets, and mattress pads were provided. Cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and dish soap were purchased for those in need. The beginning of school means another added expense of school supplies. Several families were provided with school supplies for their children. We also made sure our fellow American's had toilet paper, tissues, tooth paste, tooth brushes, shampoo, soap, feminine hygiene products, and diapers. Thank you for caring and sharing for our fellow Americans in need.

Handicapped Assistance: $1,835.92

Many disabled fellow creations cannot provide adequate dental care for themselves. Flossing and brushing can be difficult for individuals when they are struggling with paralysis and disabilities. The lack of proper dental care leads to painful dental disease and loss of teeth. We provided, along with the wonderful dentists and oral surgeons of Braden Dental Center and Lake Geneva Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the surgery necessary to correct painful dental disease for a handicapped individual. Thank you for caring and sharing for our disabled fellow creations.

Total Assistance: $50,000

God Bless all of you for making the August Blessings $25,000 Matching Grant a success. Together, we were able to provide $50,000 in much needed assistance to our poverty stricken fellow creations in desperate need. And we achieved this in less than one month's time. What an "August Blessing" this grant truly was. It was a blessing for so many suffering poverty stricken people in our midst. Thank you for your help in achieving this success. Thank you again to our incredible, gracious, God loving donors for the opportunity to make this matching grant an outstanding accomplishment.

My dear friends, it is 2011 in our Great United States of America. After I find our fellow Americans in desperate fear of becoming homeless, we immediately provide them with shelter, showing our caring hearts. Then I leave and I cry. When I find our fellow Americans living with hunger, or little sustenance, we immediately provide them with good nourishing food, removing their pains of hunger. Then I leave and I cry. When I find utilities disconnected, or families living with the fear of their utilities being shut off, when I see them living without lights, running water, together we restore their utilities. I hear and see their pain and shame. Together, we provide these necessities, not luxuries. I cry for our people suffering.

When I find a handicapped person, a paraplegic, that has such pain in their mouth from rotting teeth, and they are given no dental consideration, when they are made to feel they are a burden to our government, once again I cry. We stepped in and relieved their pain. When I find mothers, children, the elderly, using free newspapers for toilet paper, eating nothing but noodles, living in cars, in 2011, in America, I cry. Why do our leaders continue to fight instead of putting an end to poverty? Why do they continue to live with the comforts we American tax payers provide, while our great country continues to flounder? Why do we continue to have over 50 million Americans going to bed hungry, living without gas or electricity, without basic toiletries, losing their homes/shelter, losing their American pride? It is time to keep our resources here in our great United States of America and care for our own beloved American citizens. We work, we pay our taxes. Keep our taxes here. Our people are suffering.

Don't forget about our new matching grant opportunity, the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust $30,000 Matching Grant. Let's make this matching grant as successful as the last! We still have many fellow American's suffering in this recession. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now to Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

A Very Special Thank You: August Blessings Donors, Clarence & Marilyn Schawk, Mark & Natalie Reno, Albert & Geraldine Hinton, Dick & Jean Honeyager, Martin Business Group, Lake Geneva Area Realty, Jim & Lynne Newman, Martin O'Brien, David & Mary Riesland, Michael Glass, Michael Butler, Sr., Albert & Ellen Burnell, William & Jean Isaacson, Patty & Sid Johnson, Kathleen Molling, Gerald & Joyce Byers, Diane Stumpner, Leslie Scheurer, Jennifer Olomon, Jerome & Susan Kuta, Jeanne Ludwig, Brenna McKenzie, Howard & Maureen Gleason, Nancy Yaeger, Ed & Anna Marie Cygan, Sylvester & Virginina Seick, Lillian Rudolf, Patricia Jankowski, Marvin Hersko & Audrey Wunderlin-Hersko, James & Marilynn Dyer, Donna Moose, Terri Hodgson, Christine Orfan, Lora Hill, L. Marson, Betty Brown, Melissa Barry, James Hirst, Christy Malcolm, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, ALL of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262) 249-7000.

Memorials: The following donations were given in memory of Donna Harma: Duane Harma, Debra Harry, Stephen & Kathleen Harma, James Harma, Roger & Marilyn Harma, Bonnie Harma, Erik & Kari Dennis, Craig & Sally Johnson, Debra Gehrke, Louis & Mary Paetsch, Gary & Marica Rhone, Arthur & Carol Prosek, Bernd & Christine Kampe, Graham & Geraldine Peterson, Joseph & Shirley Wikrent, Tim & Tami Winkler, LuAnn Himebauch, Donald & Mary Rigali, Annette Siehoff,

We Desperately Need Cars: Please donate a used car to help our fellow American's get to work and other daily necessities.

Goodsearch for The Time Is Now: Search the web with www.goodsearch.com and help to raise funds for The Time Is Now to Help. Just make www.goodsearch.com your homepage and pick The Time Is Now to Help as your charity.

Please visit: www.timeisnowtohelp.org

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