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'Golden years' a struggle for couple

October 05, 2011 | 08:02 AM
Dear W.C.,

My husband and I are having a very hard time. We are one month behind on our rent and have not been able to pay our utilities. My husband has cancer. The doctor says he has about nine months to live. He has his good days and his bad. I am disabled due to my extensive arthritis. I have had several fractures because of my osteoporosis.

We are both senior citizens in our seventies and living on our social security. The money we saved for our retirement was gone the first year of my husband's illness. We could not afford supplemental insurance and Medicare did not cover all of his treatment costs. I skip some of my prescriptions so my husband can have his. We never thought our "golden years" would be like this. Each day brings mental anguish. Please help us.

Discouraged Senior Citizen

Dear Readers,

I paid a visit to the distraught senior citizens. I knew their address was in a mobile home park. I was prepared to find two very despondent seniors. Instead when I parked in front of the mobile home it looked like no one was at home. I went to knock on the door when I noticed several people next door doing yard work.

An older man was trying to mow the lawn, at a very slow pace, and a woman was weeding the flowers. They saw me walking up to the mobile home next door and waved. The man turned off the mower and walked slowly over to meet me. He asked who I was looking for. When I told him who I was he grabbed my hand in a firm handshake and introduced himself. He was the senior gentleman I was planning on visiting. He pointed to the woman pulling weeds and said that was his wife. He called to her.

They explained they were helping their neighbor who was sick. They said she needed help because she had just had surgery, and didn't have anyone else to help her. I found it very heartfelt these two people who were struggling with their own problems were helping someone else in need.

I asked if they could talk right now and they said of course. They would get back to helping their neighbor when we were done. I told them how wonderful I thought it was for them to help their neighbor. The husband said as long as he was alive and capable he would continue to help a neighbor in need. He continued to tell me that he needed to keep busy. Just sitting around worrying about bills, and waiting to die, brought him nothing but fear and anguish. Keeping busy with life gave him purpose.

Then his eyes filled with tears as he shared with me his fear and depression. I told him I was there to relieve their financial situation. We of The Time Is Now To Help would not allow them to be evicted or have their utilities disconnected. He then smiled through his tears.

They invited me inside their mobile home and offered some water. I declined but told them to go ahead. I saw how the wife struggled with opening the water jug and the husband took it from her without her even asking for help. Her knuckles were gnarled from her arthritis. I asked how she was able to help with yard work and she showed me her knees wrapped in elastic bandages and said she used her fists to pull weeds. She said she was not going to just sit around and give in to her disability. I liked her fighting spirit. It reminded me of my own dear mother's strength.

The husband said he intended on living each day to the fullest. He said if all he had left was nine months he was going to make the most of each day. He said being outside and doing yard work was one of the things he liked to do and it was not a chore as long as he was having a good day. He said he didn't like to dwell on the bad days. They were just to be expected every now and then when you had cancer. I admired his positive attitude as well.

We talked about their financial problems and I took a look around their mobile home. While things were clean, they were very rundown. They said their daughter had already told them she had room at her home out of state. She wanted them to come but was just getting by financially herself. I could see they were good people, willing to help their neighbor in need even when they had their own health and financial problems.

They spoke about their daughter and grandchild with love and pride. I could see they really wanted to be closer to their only family. The husband explained someday he would need care that would be beyond what his wife could give. He also said his wife would then have family to care for her as her disability increased. It would be the best thing for both of them to be with their loving daughter.

We went over their bills and financial situation very extensively. We brought their rent up to date so they would not be evicted while they prepared for their move. We brought their utilities up to date so they would not have to live without. I told them about the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Walworth County. They received additional opportunities for assistance.

I had spoken to the daughter and she was indeed excited about having her parents move in. She said she wanted her father to spend his last days with her and her son. She wanted her son to remember his grandparents. She shared with me how she worried about them all the time. Were they able to eat right? Could they pay their rent? Could they afford their medications? I was so happy to help alleviate her worries. The Time Is Now To Help provided gas for their move. We helped load their few sparse belongings.

We wished them well and God's blessings on their journey. They gave me a big hug to share with all of you, as I had informed them that all our good works are made possible by "You" our supporters. They were no longer despondent senior citizens. They both were very happy and excited to reunite with their daughter and grandchild. They always thought this was impossible until we, in their own words, "Made their life changing dream come true." They called three weeks after settling in. All of them were very happy and still full of excitement over finally being together. God Bless all of you for making this possible.

Please do not forget about our matching grant opportunity, the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust $30,000 Matching Grant. Every dollar you donate will be matched by another. We still have many fellow American's suffering in this recession. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, WC/Sal

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