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Where did CNN donations go?

May 29, 2012 | 04:39 PM
We have had many people ask if the CNN Heroes donation was received and if so how it was spent to help our fellow creations. We decided to answer that question for you with this week's column. Thank you again to Turner Broadcasting and the CNN Heroes program for their generous donation and recognition to all of us and The Time Is Now to Help. It has been nearly a year since we first received the phone call that CNN was interested in coming to Wisconsin to interview Sal. They made The Time Is Now to Help, and our philosophy of caring and sharing for our fellow Americans known to people throughout the world. CNN's recognition, investigation, and verification that our charity actually did help thousands of people over the years was a huge inspiration to network others to get involved. Together we ease the pains of the poverty stricken.


RENT = $19,025

Homelessness is the number one fear of poverty. CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting provided rental assistance for seventeen families, disabled, and senior citizens. CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting made it possible for us to offer assistance to many of the people writing to us in desperation from other states. With the help of churches, schools and other volunteer support groups, we were able to provide housing assistance in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. The fellow creations we gave our helping hand to would not have known of The Time Is Now to Help without the help from CNN Heroes. Thank you CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting for your generous donation that provided this much needed shelter assistance.

UTILITIES = Gas: $8,250; Electricity: $6,000; Telephone: $975: Water: $1,600

Gas, electric, and water were prevented from disconnection or restored for many. A single mother with two disabled children was living without water for months. They were using the neighbors toilet and shower. Senior citizens and the handicapped were living without the safety of a telephone. Most of these individuals live alone and would suffer for days if they were to fall or have an accident. Natural gas and electric service were restored and propane tanks were filled over the winter for families in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. It was very gratifying to be able to provide this assistance to our many fellow Americans that had nowhere else to turn. Thank you CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting for providing us with the means to offer assistance to many that would have been living without utilities over the past winter and spring.


A disabled man was paying 304.17% on a high interest payday loan. The payments were being automatically withdrawn from his checking account. The only source of income this man was receiving was his disability check. After the payment was withdrawn from his checking account the disabled man had no funds left for utilities, food, and necessities. We relieved the stress and fear of becoming homeless and living in hunger for this disabled man by paying off the remaining balance on this predatory loan. The poverty stricken are preyed upon in their most desperate moments of needing food, necessary medications, ... by ruthless predators that do not deal fairly with them, instead charging extremely high interest rates of 300%-700% interest. They make them agree to automatic withdrawal from their checking accounts. This in turn allows the predator loan makers to take their disability and social security checks. This leaves these fellow creations completely destitute and even more desperately poverty stricken. Some government representatives have made these excessively high interest rate loans illegal while other representatives say these predator loans are creating jobs. It's time to put a stop to all these predator loans.


Blankets, towels, sheets, small appliances, cleaning supplies, and many other items were provided for many families moved from motels to apartments. When people are being evicted they often leave behind many of their belongings due to lack of storage space and nowhere to go. We made sure when they moved into their rentals they had the household necessities needed to make an apartment a home.

AUTO ASSISTANCE = Repairs/Cars purchased: $10,202.41

A car was purchased for a senior citizen that lived alone and was very active. She had no mode of transportation when her car was no longer repairable. For months she could not get to doctors appointments, the grocery store, or church. She was extremely grateful for this car made possible by CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting. Another car was purchased for a single mother. This would enable her to get to work and transport her children safely. Thank you to Kunes Country Ford for providing us with two great deals on used cars. Two car payments were made for a veteran in Missouri needing a helping hand for their new job. This was a much better solution that prevented the loss of her car due to nonpayment of her car loan. Repairs that single parents and senior citizens would never be able to afford, were completed on four other vehicles. Thank you CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting for providing safe reliable transportation for our fellow Americans.

BEDS = $808

Two complete bed sets were provided for an elderly woman caring for her adult handicapped son. Life is hard for our seniors and handicapped. The least we can provide them with is the comfort of a clean supportive mattress set. The gratitude from this elderly woman was shown in her tear filled eyes when her beds were delivered. I wish the CNN Heroes camera crew could have been there to capture the plight of these poverty stricken fellow Americans.

CLOTHING = $1,468

Many children living in motels were given new clothing and shoes for school. This was a great psychological boost for children living in motels. Women in search of jobs were provided with proper work attire. Senior citizens were supplied with shoes, coats, and undergarments. Thank you CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting for providing these fellow creations with proper clothing and allowing them to feel comfortable and secure with their appearance.


A lift chair was provided for a partially paralyzed senior citizen. She was most grateful for CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting providing the funds needed to purchase this much needed handicapped assistance.

TOTAL: $50,000

All the media attention from CNN has brought a huge increase in requests for The Time Is Now to Helps assistance. We have received letters from families about to become homeless, the handicapped without resources, and senior citizens living without utilities. There are many, many more stories of assistance than have been highlighted by CNN and this column. Just as there are stories of assistance, there are more and more requests pouring in. As millions of people go to bed each night hungry, children live in homes without basic utilities, the handicapped cannot pay their rent, The Time Is Now to Help wants to be able to offer those struggling in poverty a helping hand. We are driven to take action and actually do something about the existence of poverty that seems worse now than when The Time Is Now to Help first began 23 years ago. If Sal's story on CNN Heroes can inspire others to do something to help their fellow creations, to bring about positive change, to show love for your neighbor, to reach out to others in need, then he has definitely lived up to his penname W.C. (With Christ) Thanks to CNN Heroes/Turner Broadcasting the message of love and caring and sharing has been shared with the whole world.

Health and Happiness, God Bless Everyone, W.C./Sal

Please Help: Make checks payable to: The Time Is Now to Help, P.O. Box 70, Pell Lake, WI 53157. The Time Is Now to Help is a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. You will receive a tax deductible, itemized thank you receipt showing exactly what every penny of your donation provided for the poverty stricken.

A Very Special Thank You: CNN/Turner Broadcasting System, Mark and Natalie Reno, Kunes' Country Auto Group, Dick and Jean Honeyager, Dr. Mark and Cynthia Brower, Whiting Law Group, Martin Business Group, The Petco Foundation, St. James United Methodist Church, Rick and Nancy Zess, John and Jean O'Brien, Lois Crubaugh, Ivan and Ann Lindert, Janice Stubbs, George and Karen Davis, Harley and Dorothy Kurtz, Terry Dignan, General Reinsurance Corporation, James and Marilyn Dyer, William and Dorothy Tookey, Dorothy Clark, John and Karen Bullock, Michael and Sally Anne Chier, Joseph and Lillian Rudolf, Carolyn May Essel, Victoria Wertz, Trisha Flippin, Sid and Patty Johnson, Donald and Sheila Mason in honor of Judy Ischii's birthday, Richard and Lindy Urbach in honor of Arlene Carpenters birthday, W.C. Family Resource Center/Food Pantry volunteers, and all the God loving volunteers of all our caring food pantries, ALL of you who support The Time Is Now to Help donation boxes, and the businesses that allow our donation boxes. Anyone who would like a Time Is Now donation box in your business, please call (262)249-7000.

Memorials: Richard and Lindy Urbach in memory of Harriet Urbach.

Boy Scouts Peanut Butter Fundraiser: The Boy Scouts are holding a peanut butter fundraiser for the W.C. Food Pantry. They have an opportunity to purchase peanut butter at a greatly reduced price. Please donate to The Time Is Now to Help specifying funds to be used for peanut butter. Thank you for your help in making this a success.

We Desperately Need Cars:

Please donate a used car to help our fellow American's get to work and other daily necessities.

Goodsearch for The Time Is Now: Search the web with www.goodsearch.com and help to raise funds for The Time Is Now to Help. Just make www.goodsearch.com your homepage and pick The Time Is Now to Help as your charity.

Please visit: www.timeisnowtohelp.org


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