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What is Lake Geneva missing?
Readers are sharing their thoughts on what Lake Geneva is missing. What would you like to see in the city? Enter your suggestion on the forum to the right, and vote here on your favorite suggestions.


What is Lake Geneva missing?

August 21, 2013 | 01:01 PM

What is Lake Geneva missing

Always...more good restaurants...for one, a lower cost quality Italian spot...Sopra's is great but too expensive for frequent dining. Sort of like Paisanos in Richmond. Another would be COMFORT FOOD....southern based....sort of like Wishbone in Chicago. Also Mexican....Hernandez is a long drive. Next....lower cost men's clothing. I hear that TJMaxx is coming which would be better.... CRAFT BEER outlet....Brunos and the Pig are okay, but both are losing out to Somoma in Delevan. Saw someone else mention a kid park....a nice playground for the 3 to 10 year olds would be nice. Bottom line to all of this is that, except for 4 or so months a year, this is JUST a 7500 person small Wisconsin town....we are blessed by having the 'resort' aura which drags in places like Target and Best Buy...not many other small WI farm towns have those. A second theater....for adults, not necessarily for teenagers. Too bad the downtown theater failed. Maybe a more ecleetic (SP?) venue combining 'adult beverages' with entertainment....movies, music, theater, live acts (comedy) etc....maybe in the summer / busy season they could attract some of the smaller Chicago / Milwaukee theater groups to reprise one of their shows that were closing in the city to come here for a week or so. Sort of like the summer stock that used to be at the Belfrey. Sort of like Chicago's Theater on the Lake at Fullarton....also check out the Vic Theater / Brew n View in Chicago. Good places to have a beer or two serving GOOD (ie: craft) beer but without the sports TV theme. A brew pub....maybe the new Geneva Lakes Brewing as the brewer with a good restauratur helping out....good food and good beer sells. A circulating trolley making the rounds of the more remote parking lots to and thru downtown...free....just run the busier months....May thru Sept or Oct....help folks who have to park out by Center and Broad to get downtown.... Thanks for asking....

David Mc

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